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Sexuality of Vampires, Lycans, and other shapeshifters in film and novels

One of my favorite classics from high school was Dracula and since then I have long been fascinated by vampire films and romance novels. I have noticed that in most vampire or other shapeshifters themed film or narrative, sexuality is more open and fluid. I am a heterosexual by upbringing and choice, but there are time I wonder how much of gender is 'acting' a role prescribed for us by society and how much is innate.  For me sex is biological (what's between your legs) and gender is sociological (what's between your ears).




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LOVE this topic, Maricel!!! It just so happens, DD and I talked recently about a series of lesbian vampire novels that she had read. But, I'll let her talk about that...

I'm with you on the fluidity of sexuality in the horror genre (perfect word for it, to my mind). I think the whole idea of transformation has a great deal to do with it...there's something so alluring about things not always being what they appear to be, isn't there?

Is it the mystery? The danger? The androgyny...that mixing of male and female characteristics?

I am bisexual...Not by choice, but by nature. Although, I could certainly choose not to act on my feelings, I could not choose to abolish them. Love is a smorgasbord to me...unhindered by internal strictures. I simply love whom I love.

People have said that "fluidity" makes me "exotic," "mysterious." I don't know about that, but I do know that my bisexuality and the flexibility that goes with it, opens worlds to me that are closed to others. 

Perhaps that is a part of what intrigues us about vampires and lycans and other shape-shifters...they go where we cannot...



I think Shakespeare was bi sexual. His comedies involve a lot of cross dressing or is it because only men were allowed on stage in his time.


A question about your bisexuality Angharad.... when you are attracted to a woman is the attraction one of a female to female or is your brain a psychological male attracted to a female?


I remember having an informal discussion with one of my lesbian students in a small class about homosexual attraction. She was exclaiming how much she wanted to marry her girlfriend of 4 yrs, but the law forbids it. I suggested to her offhand why not consider sex reassignment because as a legal male, she could marry her gf. She told me she loved her gf as a woman not as a man so sex reassignment would be 'selling out.'  I was flabbergasted because I really never thought of it that way.

Hehe…you ain’t kiddin,’ Loren!

My girlfriend and I have often joked about what kind of towels we would have if the three of us…she, my fiancé, and I…were to end up living happily together in polymorphous bliss.

It would be something like:  “His,” “Hers,” “Hers,” His/His,” Hers/Hers,”  His/Hers,” and “Hers/His/Hers.”

With the ocassional need for a towel marked, "His,Hers,Hers,His/His,His/Hers,Hers/His,His/His/Hers,and His/Hers/Hers." And that's just the three of us.  

Loren Q has given you much the same answer I would, Maricel....The biological, psychological, and social aspects of sexuality are so very complex.

There are times when I am drawn to a woman as a woman. This is complicated, because, although I am "feminine" in my appearance, women tend to relate to me as a male.  

There are times when I am drawn to a woman in a very traditionally "masculine" way. 

When I am with men, I am a very strong, but undeniably "female" presence. I evoke all the traditional male feelings in my lover. But, I have often been told that I "think like a man," which makes it easy for men to relate to me.

Even that "heterosexual" stance, however, is flexible. There are men with whom I sometimes take on a masculine role during sex and we are, psychologically, if not physically, two gay men. 

I have been told that I am a psychological hermaphrodite. Perhaps that would be a better tag for me than bisexual...if I were looking for a tag. Which I'm not.

I remember as a very young child not identifying with either sex. I always simply thought, "I'm a person."

Has any of this helped, or has it just confused matters more?

I guess the best way to sum it up is a phrase my fabulous fiance borrowed from Popeye, "I yam what I yam!"

And, BTW, I adore Gary Oldman as Dracula! Sexy sucker...hahaha. Also Frank Langella, whose eyes truly are hypnotic.

Do any of you like the Twilight series?

I'm more of a Harry Potter fan and I don't really like the teenage vampire scenario.

I've never watched the Twilight series.

I LOVE Harry Potter. I want to be a wizard...always did.

I read the Twilight series and enjoyed it very much.  The movies I did not like at all.


I am hooked on Laurel K. Hamilton Anita Blake series right now.  Very sensual, sexual, earthy....although some if it does get a bit much for me.

Great song, and I love Annie.

Geez...Is getting nekkid required for lesbian blood sucking? Where do I sign up?

And I don't think those are their wings they're rubbing together...

I agree...LOVED that movie and that scene.




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