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A fractured "serial senryu" for my mom...
crisp sheets drifting down
on my feverish body
cool clouds from heaven

magic fingernails
gently stroking my forearm
putting me to sleep

loving arms embrace
drawing my pain and sorrow
into her own heart

no matter how ill
this child, or frightened or sad
mommy made it better

Mother's Day was always special for us since I was born on that day many yrs ago. 


We butted heads constantly while I was growing up.  After I had my first child, I realized it was time to cut her some slack.  I'm so glad I did.  She died 2 yrs ago this June and thankfully, I was able to care for her before she did.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY...somewhere in May, Beautiful Belle.


I'm sorry for your recent bereavement. The loss of one's mom is so very difficult. But I celebrate with you, Belle, that whatever broken fences there were, the two of you had the heart and the grace to fix them. ,

I'd started out with my mom as my best friend. That changed significantly after I became her caregiver...kind of turned the foundation of my world upside down. But as my mom always said when I was disappointed by someone's behavior, "they're just people."

Obviously, that was true of me and my mom. And you're right, you just have to cut one another some slack.

I cared for her 17 years until her death 6 years ago.

Thank you for the birthday wishes Angharad, it was yesterday...lol.


I can relate to the caregiver thing.  It's quite an adjustment when the roles are switched like that.  I remember feeling so awkward making decisions for her that affected her life.  It never felt comfortable to me.  But in the end, it's comforting to know that we did the best we could for them, isn't it? 




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