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I miss the big dance clubs and the dance music of the 70s and 80s. Do you?

If so, did you have any favorite clubs? Songs that rang your bell? Any stories...funny, happy, or, more likely, ~BLEEP~ , to tell?



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Starting out with some tunes... Here's the almighty Sylvester...


Sylvester--You Make Me Feel

One for My Girl:

And another:


I always chuckle when people say they hate disco, and then talk about the polyester clothes and John Travolta moves.  For the non-gay or non-dancing folks (if any) here, disco in the big city gay clubs (those are the ones I know) was 180 degrees different than disco in straight clubs.

As DD says, "we were ALL about dancing!" There was no posing (or not much...hehe), no polyester, not a lot of "choreographed" steps, darned little restraint or self-consciousness.

It was bandanas rolled up tight worn around your forehead to keep the sweat from blinding you. Black leather pants or well-worn jeans and crisp white cotton shirts. High top sneakers. Shorts and tee shirts. Or the most outrageous costumes imagineable. And often layers that could be peeled down by the end of the night to a muscle tee and a thong...:>).

The DJs were the key. The best knew how to start you out slow, work you up to a frenzy, then turn you inside out with the sexiest, slowest tune they could spin. You danced with anyone and everyone. You danced "dirty," hard, and with abandon. The only time you stopped was for water, sex, drugs, booze, or because you were so tired your legs could no longer support you.


For all the "with age comes wisdom," and "live and learn," and "be in the moment" stuff we believe...sometimes I long to go back with my fiance for a few nights of pure, crazy freedom and wild, gyrating joy.

Here's a SUPER BLEEP (nontraditional) series of senryu (an altered version of haiku) I wrote about a present-day dance club experience with My Beloved. Be warned...EXPLICIT SEX between BISEXUALS of the OPPOSITE GENDER. DON'T READ THIS IF THAT FLAVOR OF SEX WILL OFFEND YOU.


hot music pounding
sweat running in rivulets
we dance groin to groin

sparks fly between us
our hunger is palpable
one for the other

aroused by our lust
half-naked bodies press close
adding to our heat

women dance for you
breasts bouncing, full mons thrusting
wanting your manhood

men vie behind me
pantomiming their desires
hard with fantasy

feeling expansive
we revel with our suitors
but this love is ours

the flesh wall opens
as you press me through the throng
deeper into dark

against rough field stone
you lean your weight into me
and lift my skirt high

i unzip your fly
needing to feel your hard cock
as your fingers delve

my feet off the ground
i wrap my legs around you
and pull you inside

our gasps are echoed
by faceless bodies near us
wanting what we have

you plunge into me
red and love behind your eyes
the world fades away

only you and me
only this fervent union
filling our hearts' need

you lower your lips
taking my nipple between
and suck in rhythm

i arch my back hard
your tongue traces my cleavage
as you switch nipples

"ohhhh, baby, do it"
waves of pleasure run through me
from nipples to clit

your hands clutch my ass
a finger exploring me
i contract on you

my mouth by your ear
i breathe wordless moans of love
your body answers

"uhnnnnnnnnn," you groan loudly
you pump hard without restraint
driving us upward

as we reach climax
you give me all that you are
"forever, darling"

our lips seal the pact
that our young souls made at the
beginning of time

Our boy is definitely that...and tall and broad enough to act as a privacy fence...hahahahaha!!!!!

The comment above was in response to a comment by Dyslexic Dodger that disappeared.

I mean, I know I'm crazy, but I don't want to appear THAT crazy! HAHA!

This is a bit past the disco years, but Martha was firmly in the heart of them...And this is one GREAT dance tune. Not to mention a FABULOUS song to live by, especially for those of us who in the minority.

To you, Beloved:

Dancing with you right now, D.

This is the sort of thing the DC and NYC clubs would play after a super hot set to cool you down before the music rose back to a fever pitch...OH, the DJs then REALLY knew how to work the crowd! Dancing to songs like this became VERY sensual....slow and....FREE.


To you, Baby...To those sensuous dances we will do forever, and to the feeling of flying.




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