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Music figures huge in my life. It is the vehicle of so many emotions...

Are there any songs that thrill you, make you smile,or make you weep, that remind you of a particular lover, or that a loved one "dedicated" to you?

Post as many songs as you wish. The more the better!

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My friend, Lo, and her husband, Steve.



This one's for A.  (And it's better than magic--it's real....)


Oh, Suuse...absolutely beautiful. Yes, real is even better than magic, isn't it? Please give A. a hug for me.

With pleasure!  (LOTS of pleasure.)  


Hugs to you, too!

Suuse's gorgeous song for her great love made me think of a song that's on the other end of the spectrum, but exemplifies the pure joy and silliness my great love and I share. He sent this to me while he was at work Deanifying (hahahah), then sang it for me on Skype with all the dance moves. It was hysterical, but the message made me melt. He had prefaced his "perfomance" by saying: "This is for our next life together...Better get ready!" with a huge, gaminish grin.


Proof that *any* song can be a love song.  ;)  (Sorry we can't see your love's version!)
You're so right, Suuse. And I'm sorry you can't too!  Thank you for always honoring our love...you're a good friend.

Cum mo lamh, M'Annsachd...tiugainn leam. Tha gaol agam ort.

This song plays in my mind. C&W, even crossover, was never the first thing on my CD player...but something about these words and music combined. Maybe it's the sentiment that out of all the people in the world, I will always want most to be somewhere with you, D.

I hate when that happens...so here's another video of the song.

"When the storms of life are strong, when you're wounded, when you don't belong, when you no longer hear my song...my blessing goes with you."

Oh, M'Annsachd, every moment of every day...

Here's an amazing, rare cut of Todd's from 1970. It's a feeling Draughn and I have had many times when we tried with a rush of words to express what simply can't be voiced...

Say no more
I can feel you whenever you're near
Say no more
I will know all you want me to hear
I am writing with you, of you, love you
Say no more
I am lost in a river of words
Say no more
Let this feeling be all that is heard
I am by you, with you, of you, love you
Say no more




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