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I was just saying goodbye to the folks on My Atlantis, and I said I was sending them kisses that I would plant on any favorite part. That made me think about where that would be on me...


Hahahahaha. Slippery slope?????  Hey...this is a GLTBIQ group...we are unfettered by the bonds of convention. (I have delusions.)


So fess up...where or WHERE (and maybe by whom and when and why...or whatever extra information you'd like to add) do you like to be kissed? (I'm a voyeur too...lol)


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Hahahaha! Leave it to you, Dearest DD, to waste no time getting to the...heart...of an issue. Now, if it were our boy referring to those parts, would he say "away down yonder" or "the lower 40," or "below the Mason Dixon Line," OR "in de land o' cotton??? 


The Senator from the "Chicken Kissin' "state yields the floor back to the honorable Senator from the "You Mean There's More to NY Than NYC??" state.  

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, and what considerable and thorough admiration that would be, eh, girl???

Does the honorable Madame Dodger have any accoutrements in mind? A riding crop, perhaps? A feather? Will she be wearing pirate garb?

The honorable Senator from the "Big, Succulent, Peaches" state will hardly stand a chance....



I love kisses on the nape of my neck.

My lover will walk up behind me, lay his strong, warm hands on my shoulders, then slowly, breathlessly, press his lips to my neck right behind my ear. I can feel him...feel the vibrating love...as he barely touches his lips to my skin. Prolonging that piquant anticipation. My whole body thrills.

There's something about restraint when it's deliberate. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm tingling just thinking about it.  



YUM!!!!  Man, you guys are getting me all...throbbish...imagining kisses in all these places....

Someone suggested to me the perineum, and since then I've always been curious about that area of a man. ;-P

I never acted on his suggestion since there is just so much one could do staring at a monitor.

Uh-huh! When you get a chance, try it in the natural course of things... :>)
Any receptive nerve ending will do. I blow a kiss your way as gently as a feather and hope it leaves you wanting more.




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