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Have you noticed that certain places known for their gay and lesbian culture tend to be great tourist haunts and are generally interesting places to visit. What gay friendly tourist spots did you enjoy visiting?


Greenwich Village, NYC  ( I grew up in fringe of the East Village)

San Francisco, CA

Provincetown, MA

Maui, HI






My parents were Asian  food vendors at many of the street fairs in Manhattan. They also set up a booth at the gay fairs in downtown Manhattan. I so enjoyed working at the booth during those fairs. The gay fairs were bombastic,  eventful, and had a mardi gras feel to it. The costumes ..oh la la.

One year, my parents ' booth was set up right across the kissing booth so they tried to shoo me away  so I wouldn't witness the carnality of some of the kisses. I did as they told me and wandered down the street and saw things an 11 yr old shouldn't be seeing  hehehheheh-a gay mermaid in a flamboyant costume which consisted of mesh, g-string, and a creative crotch.


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I live in a beach resort town at the moment. There is a town about three miles away that has a large gay population and many gay-owned or gay-friendly bars, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and other businesses. There are lots of cultural things that go on...a jazz festival, a film festival, gay pride festivities, and so forth. But, my slightly smaller town also has a lot of interesting things going for it, and lots of tourists in season.

I don't know about places with a large gay population being "great tourist haunts." I think it's most probably a chicken or the egg proposition.

People who are homosexual pretty much like what everyone else does...beautiful weather, lovely scenery, historical interest, and so on... And why certain tourist-worthy places seem to have larger populations of gays is probably more sociological than anything else.

Of course, I like to think that any minority adds a certain spice to a majority milieu.





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