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Jump on the way back machine and share who your firsts in TV land were....for me: Paul Lynde, Liberace of course was my go to person and he was A OK to sit and watch with the folks, and Paul especially on Bewitched or Hollywood Squares was a Scream.....and I always wondered about Mr.Oh My Himself, My Man in Outer Space, the Man who Is Truly Out of this World: George Tekai....I think with him it was more of I hope he is I hope he is, and somewhere in my heart, I said. Yeah...for sure....there were others, care to share your TV Land First Proud, though maybe in the closet folks who made you sit up take notice and give you that secret giggle .....tell us !

Oh and Endora on Bewitched and singer and disco maven/queen Sylvester on Johnny Carson whoo hoo !

Agnes Moorehead, Fabulous....Werk It Miss Thing....oops! Where was I ??? LOL !

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I'm with you on all the names you listed, WD! I'm pretty sure that those of us "of an age" who were in the life (or about to be--hahaha) had our little antenna trembling when Paul Lynde snickered or Liberace "flourished"--play magic fingers--or Mr. Sulu "Oh, MY"-ed!

Jim Nabors was pretty obvious.

Nancy Kulp stood out to me. Married--like so many gay and bisexual stars of the time--she acknowledged her lesbianism near the end of her life.

I was pretty sure about Raymond Burr too.

The list goes on...and although their sexual orientation doesn't really make any difference, it is interesting how social mores forced so many actors of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s to stay in the closet.

The Hollywood "Fixers"--the people who covered up celebrities' "indiscretions"--are also a fascinating bunch.  

Agreed...here, here !

Nancy Kulp, how could I forget her ! Oh my I saw her and didn't really 'understand' or 'know' but I did, know what I mean....yes Raymond Burr...my mom and I would be glued to the tv watching Perry Mason!

Captain ! Oh Captain Kirk......Oh My !

hee hee !

Richard Chamberlain, of course--but whose heart didn't flutter for him in "The Thorn Birds"?

And Brady Bunch's Robert Reed never convinced me as a loving husband...

Good ol' Jonathan Frid who played Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows was pretty adept at staying in the shadows himself. I think he was only really definitively outed after his death in 2012.

Here he is as Barnabas:

And here he is on Fire Island with one of his costars:




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