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President Obama has just officially designated June as LGBT Pride Month.  Of course, Gay Pride festivals in June have been traditional in many states for some years...Share information about your local festivities, experiences in Pride parades or festivals of the past and plans for the future, crazy things you caught in photos or videos...whatever.

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 I'M IN LOVE!!!!

Love her hair.
Looks like fun!

Here's the blurb for our local gay pride festival:

Held in one of the nation's most popular gay resort communities, Rehoboth Beach, the Delaware Gay Pride Festival takes place on Saturday, September 17  this year. Mid -September is a beautiful time to visit this laid-back beach community that's easily reached from Baltimore, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

The Delaware Pride Festival takes place on Saturday from noon until 6 pm at Cape Henlopen State Park, at 42 Cape Henlopen Drive in the nearby community of Lewes. The celebration includes live music entertainment, food, and vendors representing local businesses and GLBT organizations.

Additionally, numerous gay bars as well as gay-popular restaurants, hotels, and shops have special events and parties throughout Delaware Gay Pride. Check local gay papers, such as Letters From Camp Rehoboth, for details. Also check out the helpful travel site produced by the Rehoboth Beach & Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Video from Gay Pride ManDance 2009

Funny sort of unrelated story...My Beloved and I were enjoying a similar video from Rehoboth. We were laughing, as usual, kibbutzing back and forth...he mentioned "that classic move...air f#@%ing." I egged him on, and he said in a mock dramatic voice, "Let me demonstrate..."

He stood up at his desk and commenced thrusting his pelvis and doing the arm pump, dancing to an imaginary club mix, really exaggerating and hamming it up. Suddenly, he turned and said, "Yes??!"

A colleague had walked right in without knocking (naughty secretary!).

Thank God the guy was obviously more worried about what was on his mind than what his boss was doing. He looked at D. seriously and tossed off, "Getting your exercise?"

I thought I'd bust a gut...


I understand where you're coming from, Loren.

My first Gay Pride festival was in DC in 1975, the first year one was held there. My first Gay Pride parade was the first such parade in DC. There was definitely the sense of protest and solidarity, of stepping out into a still hostile world, of ripping off the masks and forcing people to look at the faces they had tried to ignore...their coworkers, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, next-door-neighbors.

Yet, in DC at least, the day was also very definitely a celebration and a party. There was a sense of joyful abandon I'll never forget.

We were tear gassed routinely for years (what fun...hahaha). Hit by projectiles. Pushed. Punched out. Threatened verbally. Yup, sniper threats...the whole shebang. But, I don't know, it felt like an integral part of the passage. I think if things had gone smoothly, it wouldn't have felt quite as triumphant.

We were there to make a statement for ourselves, with the hope that in the future such statements would be unnecessary. So, I'm happy for those teens. I’m glad to hear, “Happy Pride Day!” And, like you, I think it's a good thing that it's now more a party than a protest.

And, like you, I'm glad that I got to be there when it wasn't.

What a great video, DD! Got the old heart beating and the spirit soaring...

So sorry for the inability of most of your family to accept who you are, DD. Only loved ones can cut so very deeply...


But, I'm proud of you for telling the truth and being who you are. Especially when it is so difficult, knowing the response your are apt to receive.


Kisses and a raised fist for you, warrior queen.

A few years ago me and the Ms. took the train to NYC to see a play. We didn't realize it was Gay Pride Day in the city and a local radio station had sponsored a trip there for the gay community. By chance we decided to sit in the car that contained all the "non-straight" people. Right away someone asked us if we would be more comfortable in another car since we might be offended by the open talk and stories.


It turned out to be the most enjoyable 110 minutes I spent on a train - just listening to the banter and good natured kidding among everyone.   

Such a lovely thing to relate here, Funes. Thank you! And cool of you and the Mrs. to take the adventure...

One thing I realized about the gay community many years ago is that where there are gay people gathered, there's laughter! There's something about having to make it through a life that is often difficult just because of who you are...For GLBT people, humor seems to be the release of choice. I guess it's either that, or a great load of bashing and bopping, which just generally ain't our style :>).


My son is going to Chicago this weekend. He is going to see his first Gay Pride parade. I am so happy for him, he even bought 2 new shirts..I mean new, from the store, not new from the thrift store, which is his favorite place to shop. 

I am thrilled for him and hope he has a fabulous time, learns lots and meets many new friends. 


Suggest he make one small change, Mommy....Tell him to get on his New Balance and MARCH in that thang!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

There's nothing like one's first march to make one feel free, free, FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

And NEW shirts should be SEEN!!!

(BTW...I ADORE thrift stores too. )




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