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What is your favorite gay-themed film? Any genre...

 Russell Crowe In "The Sum of Us."

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One of mine is a small Australian film, released in 1994, called "The Sum of Us," with Russell Crowe and Jack Thompson. Russell plays a 20-something, nice guy, who has loved and lost one too many times. He thinks he's found "Mr. Right," but has he? Jack plays his widowed father, who loves his son deeply and accepts him totally, but worries about his future. Jack, too, is searching for someone to love.

The film is gentle, poignant, insightful, and explores many types of relationships, gay and straight. And, of course, Russell is HOT!

Another of my favorites is "Gods and Monsters," released in 1998, starring Sir Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser. Ian portrays horror film director James Whale. It's 1957, and Whale's heyday is behind him...he has retired and is, essentially, a recluse living in the past. When his housekeeper (Lynn Redgrave) hires a hunky, young gardener (Brendan), brilliant, worldly Whale and simple yard guy Clayton develop an unlikely friendship that will change both their lives.

This is a painful movie, which may bring up a lot for us over 40 types. But it is worth it for the complex portraits...



Trailers...as requested by DD...who likes to watch. (Don't worry, DD, it's just a reference to a line in a film. I know you don't like to watch. NO REALLY...heheheeh)

Here's the full movie!

Reflections in a Golden Eye is a torqued tale of impotence, repressed desire, sex, betrayal, and a panoply of little unsavory bits. I think Major Weldon Penderton was one of Marlon Brando's best roles. John Huston does dark and twisted very well.

Just finishing up "I Love You Phillip Morris". Wow. Really great movie. As far as Jim Carrey goes, right up there with The Truman Show. McGregor, awesome as always. Very touching. And certainly kooky.
Thanks, J Lee! I just checked out the trailer...I'm going to watch that one for sure!

My favorite musical number ever.....in RENT....Take Me Or Leave Me....




I found this project on kickstarter that looks fun and interesting. It's a comedy about a Latina discovering her bisexuality. Not many movies with a female, Latin, bisexual protagonist out there!!!

In case you might want to contribute to the project, here's a link:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/221666836/cassanova-was-a-woman




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