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Okay...we all know that what really matters is what's inside a person...yadda yadda. Hahahaha! But let's put that aside and be purely carnal and superficial.

If you could construct the person or persons...yes, you can have multiple fantasies :>)...that you see in your dreams, what would he, she, or he/she look like? Of course, you can also add a list of desired qualities, if you wish.

I think it will be interesting to see the differences in preference...

Gotta love those androgynous celestial beings!

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I'm engaged to my dream man...Tall and elegant; soft, curly black hair; huge green eyes; sensuous mouth; strong jaw; beautiful expressions; fair skin; broad shoulders; chest hair; athletic; well-muscled; well (hrrrumph) endowed; bangin' buttocks; expressive hands; damned attractive feet (hahaha); sexy for days; brilliant; funny--beautiful in body, mind, and spirit.

Surprisingly, exchange the equipment, and that's pretty darned near my dream woman...Tall; curvaceous; firm, round breasts on the larger side; well-muscled; wavy dark hair, any length; large blue or grey eyes; natural, full lips (not looking like someone inflated them); soft, fair skin; bangin' "bubble butt"; NO chest hair (hehehe); lovely hands and feet; mind like a steel trap; funny; a melodic voice in the lower register...hmmm...have I forgotten anything?

Oh yes...no symbiotic aliens or resident demons....



I had my dream lover...we were quite the item for two years.  Smart, funny, sexy, musical--and positively, absolutely, stark-raving, stop-traffic gorgeous.  


It was, alas, only skin deep.  Deep under that opulent exterior was a dessicated lump where his heart should have been.  It wasn't entirely his fault, but, in the end, I couldn't be with someone who wasn't emotionally *there* for me--or anyone, I think.  I just don't think he has it in him--but, for what it's worth, I hope he proved me wrong.  


Four years later, I met A.  And I completely revamped (upgraded) my criteria for the perfect man.  :) 


Kisses, kisses, kisses, Suuse...I'm so happy to see you and feel the love you and A. share all around me again.

What an amazing description of your "dream lover," especially the "dessicated lump" that was his heart.

Yeah, I was going for the silly superficial thang, and being facetious about  what really matters...but the inside is, of course, truly what does matter.

And isn't it funny that I could never describe my perfect man, when asked...until I found him :>). I wrote a senryu about that:

the moment we met
all my hopes, dreams, and desires

donned your handsome face


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO true...Care to expand on that?! Drool, slobber...hahahah.
"Moon Lover"

Floating on my back on a tranquil lake
lucidly dreaming of a fathomless lover
when suddenly gentle beams of silver
tease my lids and caress my form
from behind the parting of clouds
a hauntingly beautiful moon appears
For a long while I gaze at it until it
disappears again behind the veil of clouds
A shadow materializes beyond the copse of trees
It beckons to me becoming more luminescent
as it draws near. I smile in recognition of Moon Lover
His gentle smile and tender hands join with mine
My thoughts of us blossom visible in his eyes.
I feel the wisps of his soft breath upon my face
then the gentle lick of his tongue around my lips
his nebulous tasting swelling my rosy petals.
My peripheries shrink and I feel only the quickening.
I offer my tremored tongue for the dart and dance
until our breathing join in mutual tumescent strobes
heightening the flame. Our limbs entangle on
the mossy bank.  Liquid wants pour out
dissolving the shadowed space between us
legs and arms wrapped around each other
gripping and pumping our desires.
My Moon Lover and I come freely until the
geysered spasms and seething humidity
catapult us into iridescent heaven
floating again on embers of moonlight
forever to be remembered
in my dreams.

WOW, Maricel! Just WOW!!!!!!!
Thank you ladies.....That poem is particularly bittersweet for me-- written last summer.




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