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sigh, yawn, oh for the days of seasons past....Wendy Pepper, Suede, Santino Rice anyone ? Now we have such a huge crowd on the show and I dunno...im not feeling it ?

So, if you're watching it or maybe just following certain blogs about it...what do  you think ?

1. Did Heidi just want to make it to 10 years of Project Runway ?

2. Queen Kors has left the building, even he couldn't manage it another day ?

3. Has Nina no crack to her whip ? What fresh hell is this if Mistress Nina looks bored (but still thank goodness somewhat evil lol!)

So, has it run its' course ? Do you sit and watch and dream of the days of it being on Bravo ? I for one was gnashing teeth at the lil mean gurls clique, the making the 'older woman' to be/appear matronly, and such stereo typing....seems to hang over the screen shots like dirty muslim material....subtle yet its' in your face ? Just me, possibly ? thoughts ? Rants ? Loving it ?

and, and and !!!! ???? Project Runway All Stars, really All Stars ??? Uli was robbed, though I do like Anthony Ryan an d his 'dresses', well Uli was the WINNER ? Or no ?



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Ohhhhhhhhhh. I just saw the first episode of season 11--TEAMS. 

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. This does NOT sound like a good idea to me.

I get the whole collaboration thang--collaboration's the coin of the realm in the arts--but not ALL the time! 

How are these folks ever going to truly express their personal aesthetic if everything they do is open for group discussion?! And if everything they do has to somehow fit with the group sensibility?!

I'm a team player, but it wouldn't work for me...




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