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A pipeline that emits more carbon than 51 coal plants and creates only 39 permanent jobs is a "no-brainer"?

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It will be build, question is to where?  

The production from the Alberta oil sands will be moved, and is, now mostly by a combination of existing pipelines and rail tankers.  

The option of moving this production thru the United States to be refined is the most reasonable way to move the oil and created the products.  The other option is to move it across Canada to the Pacific Coast and sell it to Asia.  Of course this is the costliest of all options but potentially the one with the best return for Canadian producers moving the base price from West Texas Intermediary to Brent international crude which usually adds a $10 premium to each barrel.

If the production of North America is added up as Canada, Mexico and the United States, production and reserves, we are energy independent of most of OPEC, with the exception of Venezuela  which continues to have a direct and entangled relationship with American markets and refiners.

Why don't they risk their own environment with their constant spills that the taxpayer always ends up paying for?




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