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What do you think about Christopher Dorner exercising his 2nd Amendment Rights to protect himself from the government?  Who's still happy he has his Constitutionally Legal Assault Weapon with high capacity magazine(s)?  

Hint:  Not these guys.

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Wow, I wasn't aware of him having supporters, guess that shows how naive I am.  It's really horrible.  I have to wonder how long it will take them to find him or if he is even where they are looking.

But I bet the people in the area are all armed in case this nut case comes after them. I bet their glad they have rights under the second amendment.

actually this whole case proves that there is no test that weeds out the mentally unfit because dorner went thru the police academy which does psychological testing to determine fitness and stability and the navy reserve....pretty much a great argument FOR gun controls

After you're ambushed and shot in the head like those two kids, are you still glad you have rights under the second amendment?  

What time is dinner...

It's never over until it's over and yes, what happened leads one's thoughts back to Waco.

The question here is the same as before, the same as always, motive and method.   What Donner had was not only motive, but capacity as a well as being a trained killer with a range of weapons.  And what will be the result was what he intended, to pursue his manifesto and achieve a martyrdom to his cause, whatever that may have been.  And yes, there is racism component that makes this even more complicated as to motive and justification for violent acts and threats to avenge perceived wrongs and grievances.

No matter what laws are pass, no matter what regulations are promulgated, no matter with is done except the most extreme of measures, this will happen again....and again....and.... 


I suppose it also shows that exercising your 2nd Amendment Rights will get you dead.

That and or a fine for recklessly discharging your weapon in public (inside the city limits)...

That happened in Utah today a guy fired his .357 at Burglar running from his house...He also fired at the car speeding away...

This is real life not TV.

That is unless you live in New York...!

Since the 2nd Amendment is aimed at having a militia and against government, yes if you exercise it you will be dead and any guns you are stockpiling won't help you against all the types of power our government has to take you out.

We need gun controls, don't talk to me about 2nd amendment rights it's foolish.




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