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Question of the day: Should Phil Robertson be free to speak his (probably rather feeble) mind or should he have kept his yap shut? 

Second question: Does anyone give a s***? 

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Right On!

Going on to week two, sorry, we were wrong.

The Commander is back, A&E has seen the light, as did Cracker Barrel and Chick-fil-A and no, it isn't the light of true reasoning, it is the light that shows the money involved.  There is a difference in being right and the right and most are just going to have to accept it as did A&E, especially when you have a number one cable reality show on the air.

What has been learned?  Sure, TV is stupid, stupid sells, and that's entertainment plus a reasonablely good return on the investment.

I'm glad he's back.  He's a good role model for religious superstitious ignorance.

If we throw all these guys off the air, who do we have to point to to prove how ignorant people can be?


So true, LLL.  Who said, "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."

why does the right wing seem so determined to achieve their stereotype?

"If you can't be a good role model, you can serve as a bad example"

The whole Robertson / A&E thing is pretty much played out - But I saw one highly perceptive comment:

"Just remember - The same people insisting that A&E has no right to fire Robertson for his remarks against gays, are the same people who insist that EVERY employer has the right to fire an employee just for being gay."

That's what is so wrong about A&E taking him back Snagg. We have to stop the proselytizing of hate religion, and A&E missed a good chance to pass on that message. 

I don't think A&E ever intended to do so. I think they cooked up a Christmas kerfuffle as a publicity gimmick. There are reports that sales of "Duck Dynasty" crapola TRIPLED in the few weeks of the squabble, right in the middle of the Christmas sales season, and A&E gets a hefty chunk of that. Playing rednecks for suckers has kept the GOP alive as a political party, and A&E wanted a piece of the action...

an old story....p t barnum....and it is in entertainment, politics and all sorts of business....plus it goes a long way toward capturing brand loyalty to make anything an issue between 'us'ns' and them... tribal bullshit might even be dna deep.....

Could be....




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