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I keep hearing from members here that the political loggerhead in Washington is because people have different opinions about what government's role should e in our lives.  Fair enough.

This morning however, I just saw a bunch of interviews of (clueless?) people on the streets that are part of the ~53% against Obamacare.  An interview of a ~dozen people on the street basically had three reasons.

1.  Obamacare has "Death Panels" that will not provide healthcare for Seniors.  

2. Obamacare will force people to have "Chips" embedded underneath their skin to allow the "World Government" to know where they are at all times.

3.  Obamacare will not provide healthcare to anyone who has voted Republican.

Really?  This is how the GOP got a majority of Americans to not want the ACA?  I don't mind people having a different opinion, bu these opinions are pure Bu__Sh__.  Playing with dumb people minds is just wrong in so many ways.  It's true, religion is the religion is the opiate of the unwashed masses.

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there was a video segment on the jimmy kimmel show in which 'the man in the street' was interviewed about which was better or worse- obamacare or the affordable care act? and guess what....


turn off the noise and get the facts, PLEASE!....that's part of your duty as a citizen...

to believe the far right anti-obamacare rubbish, you would have to believe:

that health care costs have not risen until the law was passed..

that insurance companies don't make money from both sides of the healthcare equation (both consumers and providers   thus they are sort of like a crooked referee in this fight to begin with)

that 'socialized medicine ' is somehow different than 'capitalist medicine' when it comes down to the actual practice

that 'socialized medicine doesn't work anywhere in the world

that medicare and the va etc are not 'socialized medicine'

that medical care in this country is not already 'rationed' by being unaffordable to a large percentage of american citizens

and that tenet healthcare is insane

(Tenet Healthcare Corporation (THC) will acquire Vanguard Health Systems (VHS) for $21 per share in an all cash transaction. ...
The acquisition is valued at $4.3 billion including the assumption of $2.5 billion in Vanguard debt.
methinks they are looking at PROFITS not losses..that's why the ceo of tenet makes 11 and a quarter million a year....if he was making bad decisions, he probably would be running your local pigglywiggly and wearing polyester)

Its complicated, which is what a number of those who do express opinions, are trying to deal with.

And, no, you don't need to be the brightest bulb to have and make an opinion, in that an opinion is based mostly on belief and feelings which to many are also facts.  It is just the way people are and almost have to be to make it through the day.  If everyone had to somehow judge what and why they do or think anything is based on facts and logic, well, then why get out of bed, ever.

So, as to ObamaCare, part of the problem is that the facts are still to be determined, we do not know how this thing will workout.  What we do know is it won't work as it is currently thought to be setup, which was the same with the other major social benefit programs of the past; Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Each have had to be refined as to the fact of how  and what  consequences of what is actually done and happens, as compared to what was the intent and ambition of what was passed into law and then implemented by rule and regulation.

A major problem with ObamaCare is that there is no other choice, we can not keep going on as we have with our way to pay and provide for medical services and health care.  The ongoing and future cost is prohibitive and has been for decades, a great financial cost to the economy which could have use the dollars spend, and not necessarily well spent, to pay and provide for what we have received as population and nation.

We spend, in direct costs, not including indirect and non-recognized costs of health care, now, over 17% of our Gross National Product, and no country spends that much and yet, many have better health results for a much less and can use the savings for investment and other programs that may do more good.

One thing can be said about medical services and health care, it is our major growth industry employing millions at reasonably high paying jobs, and that is a fact.

It’s not complicated.  The right makes up BS and has the right wing media repeat it enough so that fools will actually believe BS.  Both Conservative Nixon and Reagan publicly endorsed the “Big Lie Technique”, the expression  coined by Adolf Hitler when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.".  I have never seen Democrats stoop so low.


As you said, the dimmest bulbs seen to accept right wing BS as “facts” that becomes the nonsense they believe in.  This whole polica; agenda is so wrong in so many ways, and yet so many dim bulbs are proud that they can confuse other dim bulbs.  Trust me, it’s nothing to be proud of.


As far as no other choice, are we repeating BS here intentionally or are we one of the dim bulbs that has come to believe BS?  The real facts are that you can keep any insurance plan you currently have.  The ACA is only another option.  If you want to know what the ACA 2,000 pages say, read any non-conservative newspaper or listen to the any news except FOX or right wing radio.  All they do is distort the truth.  Geez, they have been caught in so many lies I’d think anyone.  But as you said, dim-bulbs hear what they want to hear.


Yes 17%.  The ACA should be bringing that down.  It’s still expected to decrease the deficit within 10 years.  Does the right have a healthcare plan that can do better then that, besides Universal Healthcare – which most would prefer over Obamacare which still sucks up to the for-profit healthcare insurance companies.  Universal Healthcare in France, England, Germany, Canada, Cuba, etc. is ½ to 1/3   what we pay, 17%.  Socialism isn’t so bad, is it LOL…

The payment scheme that we have is something that only a few can appreciate much less understand.  And it has taken decades to build whatever it is that we have both as to the structures of how the medical delivery system is constructed and paid for.  And yes, it is complicate, convoluted and precious in that change has both feared and resisted in not what is to be gained, but what most thing will be lost.

One of the most difficult items enshrined in our delivery system is choice, the idea that the patient has the ability and need to determine what, how and who provides their medical care.  And of course, this is an illusion, a costly one known as fee-for-service and does not recognized medical care is not a free market good, and rather is a highly regulated, geographical specific and controlled as to access, supply, quantity and quality and is economically motivated to be inefficient if not ineffective.

So, will ObamaCare change all or any of this, maybe, its hard to be worse.




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