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Hi! I am new to TBD and am looking for political discussion groups. From looking at recent posts it seems that a majority is by one person and that appears to have a left leaning agenda. Is this a true freedom of speech site or is it a left leaning group? I was hoping to find a non partisan group.

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We talk largely about American politics. There IS no "non-partisan group". Prepare to get a little muddy from time to time.

I'll put on my wet suit and hard hat and jump right in.

Thanks, will do.

Non-partisan, in politics, really....

And yes, there can be a conversation, hard as it may be, and as one-way as it may be.  If there is any need it is attempt to communicate, unfortunately, that is not always the point but then again, opinion is something that exists, and facts are to some, just opinion and to some, opinions are fact.  

If there is anything that can happen on a site like this is a dynamic conversation, which can be the best result, and most is the only result of what is discussed, and even though nothing is settled to everyone's and anyone's satisfaction, it is probably necessary to have.

You may speak freely as long as you are respectful of others and comply with TBD guidelines.  Hate, profanity, libel, slander, violence, slurs and sexually explicit photos and language will not be tolerated.




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