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Shortly after Pope Francis gave a groundbreaking homily in which he said even atheists who do good are redeemed, a statement from a Vatican spokesman seemed to walk back the pope's words.

Just one day after the pope's now famous remarks in Rome on May 22, a Vatican spokesman the Rev. Thomas Rosica released comments stating that people who reject the teachings of Jesus Christ can't be saved afte....

Awww. gee....

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I don't think some people know who I am...

you just proved it is fine to insult people with your beliefs but you have no facts behind them cept for your 'feelings' and your 'feelings' get hurt and insulted when people don't accept what you have to say as their gospel too..seems like you don't want a discussion ..you want a pep rally  ..not gonna happen

and that was a silly missive to ls...if the bible is mistaken cause it was transmitted thru man then which particular parts are mistaken and how would YOU know since you also seem to be a mere mortal

Share thoughts in a civilized manner...  

It's hard to have a civilized discussion with someone who's total knowledge comes from one book.  Or their latest interpretation of what that book says

I think to be  knowledgeable enough to have a civilized conversation, one needs to be familiar with more than one book.  Amen, 

Here's the rub, Phil: You were A-OK with me making fun of the pope, because you're not catholic.

But then, when somebody made fun of somebody you do respect and revere, all of a sudden you're all "HEY - Let's show a little COURTESY around here !"

It's not so much you, I don't think - It's that double-standard, self-serving way of looking at every single aspect of existence that has been the mainstay of religious thinking since day one. You were absolutely unaware of the dichotomy - Quite happily so, in fact - And that's EXACTLY the way "faith" and religious belief want it.

"Catholicism" ain't the point, Phil - And your post only underlines it. It's the believer's ingrained habit of seeing everybody who doesn't see things their dogmas as wrong, but NEVER themselves - And the self-satisfied, illusory sense of moral rectitude that accompanies that finely-honed refusal to see their own hypocrisies and contradictions.

It's that "self-affirmation loop" that captures many, essentially decent, people in it's web. Even the kindliest, most tolerant and inclusive dogmas still have that petulant "Well, it makes perfect sense to ME" thing, simmering in the background - As if that makes what the believer believes factually true.

That reassuring sense of being "correct", even in the face of nada empirical or repeatable proof, hampers the believer's ability to hear new or contrary ideas - And at worst, it fuels the hatred and rage when an opposing idea, faith or scientific fact won't back down.

As Nietzsche said, "A casual stroll through a lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything".

just a tad funny....you say the catholics are unbiblical...mind telling us who defines that and how it is defined? is that from your extensive studies of both the catholic religion and the bible ala comparative religionor did someone give you these facts?

Un-biblical? This is hilarious.  The Catholics were and still are the original Christians, and they wrote the Bible.  Jesus was a Jew for Jews.  Twas Paul that started the Pauline tradition of letting the riff-raff into the synagogue and Constantine that changed the synagogue into a church more then three centuries later.   Now two-thousand years later we have Phil with the chutzpah to claim a lock on God and morality.

My religious skepticism just took a jolt.  Yesterday Michele Bachmann announced she would not run for reelection in 2014.  Perhaps there is a God after all. 

I don't think so.  Every time one of these loonies leave, someone worse replaces them.

Oh yeah, I can see now how that bible thing leaves out most of the world population and that would be fine with those conservative folks. Flaky stupidity, the first known version had letters all together with no punctuation has been re written by scribes hired by powerful men who changed what they didn't like many many times. I don't get how anyone could think that tomb was anything but a fairy tale. If that offends anyone tough, the truth will set you free.

Why do you suppose their is a God?  The talking snake?


You have my condolences, the religion virus can be nasty.  Remember what happened to almost all of JC's boys... they were such a pain in the ass they were all murdered.  Link

I wish there was a pill for "reason".




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