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Besides, how many species did Noah actually know about in that minuscule podunk of sand he was familiar with?  I wonder how many species drowned; their fossils should be in the geologic rock record.  Unfortunately, they're not.

sure they are, we call 'em dinosaurs. :-)

If that's the case then Noah sailed the ocean blue 65,000,000 years ago.  That's quite a stretch from 6,000 years ago.

Oh, a decade here, a decade there, it ads up in some peoples minds. 

What you're trying to say it's all bunk and proven by math???? wow...if I had known that I would have tried harder to learn that math thing. What is a millimetres?

We all started with Adam and Eve, then we all had to start again with Noah, and then we all had to start again with Lot and his daughters.  Took a lot of begatting to get where we are today.

...Sounds like Noah was the original "factory farmer", cramming livestock into inhumanely constricted  stocks and pens.

I say that as a joke - But some dingbat from Tyson might read this, and then go running off to the PR department and suggest that they claim there's "biblical precedent" as an excuse rationale for the way they abuse the animals that they're going to grind up into hamburger.

Noah's Ark again?  About the only good thing about that story is all the funny cartoons it has produced. Just Google "Noah's ark cartoons."




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