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Right now, as we sit here twiddling our thumbs in the face of a probable government shutdown, House Republicans added a measure aimed at limiting contraception coverage to their spending bill. This grossly-nicknamed “conscience clause” would allow employers and insurers to pay for even less of a woman’s health plan by opting out of certain forms of preventative care (birth control) that they find “morally objectionable.” (You can thank Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kansas for pushing so hard for this legislative wet fart.)

Obviously all they want to do is shut down the government.  And blame Obama.

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A Republican proposal?????  No! I can't believe it.  Are you serious?

to get right down to it...the far right WANTS the shutdown....here's a spiel from freedomworks the fartsack of the koch brothers..remember you don't need the police right this minute..or national parks or....this crap is just part of the long long arc of the ultrconservative movement thru american history...and that can be partially defined by what's good for business period...as in when they have tried (and they keep attempting) to do away with national parks and forests...govt regulations of ANYTHING including environmental protection and worker safety...step back and you can see the robber barons at work trying to grab EVERYTHING with both hands by using the citizens united decision and perverting the electoral process by desseminating false information and exacerbating racial and cultural tensions

Shutdown Means Streamlining

By Amelia Hamilton on September 30, 2013

DC ClosedThere are a lot of myths about the looming government shutdown. The biggest one is that it is, in fact, a government shutdown. The country will not descend into anarchy, there will not be chaos in the streets (well, no more than usual) and, really, we don’t need to panic if it happens. Here’s the deal. 

As much as the left likes to use the Military and our veterans losing pay as a scare tactic, they will not be harmed.  Our food will still be inspected and your mail will still arrive. Like it or not, entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid will still be running up our debt and you will still have that unpleasant TSA experience at the airport. "Essential" functions of the federal government will still continue.  We should look at whether or not being manhandled at the airport is essential, but I digress. 

The facts are that “non-essential” functions will temporarily cease.  This includes such items as national monuments and museums. Why do we have "non-essential" functions of government when we're careening toward a $17 trillion national debt? It is certainly a question that needs to be asked.

Government employees affected will be furloughed. The President and Congress will still receive their paychecks, but around 800,000 employees aren’t so sure what happens to their pay.  The fact is these employees will likely be paid retroactively, however, so we won’t save any money by sending them home in the first place.

Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Darrell Issa has said that “I rather doubt that Congress would take punitive actions against the District of Columbia for keeping their personnel on.” This suggests that we are paying non essential employees for not doing the work that we don’t really need them to do. Way to go, government!

As the deadline looms, we'll have to wait to find out whether or not Americans have become so addicted to big government that a few days of a partial shutdown is seen as catastophic.  Don’t believe the fear-mongering hype. Let’s take those few days instead to debate the proper role, scope and size of the federal government instead. 

I agree with you.  How come they are winning?

they aren't.

Thanks, I needed that.  I feel better  :0)




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