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....well, what do you do ? Do you answer that call and say yes, its' my turn now....you know the drill: the children are grown, lives of their own, your partner..he or she is involved with work/their own life/thoughts...and you, now you've discovered, rediscovered YOU. And you now have an idea of what you want and where you go to get it, whatever it may be...

So do you have the gumption, the where withall to up and follow your calling, your path ? I'd love to hear if others have taken this leap towards their own good and how it worked out. If its' still a dream that's good to, dream carries us along and give us hope and happy....

...but then there is this:familial duties emotionally, financially, etc. Will your family resist you finding your heart's desire ? Will you be your own biggest stumbling block, how much does guilt/fear fit into it ? Can we follow our hearts desire from the comfort and safety of our own home ?

Care to share ....your Path is Calling, have you answered ?

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I followed my dream of moving to live in a country 4 hours flight from my home. Took the plunge almost 5 years ago. Moved from Ireland to Turkey. I have no regrets but I think my daughters have. In fact our eldest has just decided she doesn't want to speak to us anymore! She's 38 & I think she needs us as babysitters. Our other daughter is 34 & expecting her first baby. They are always hinting that we would be better off back home. We worked very hard rearing them, then almost 11 years ago I got breast cancer & feel that it was a miracle that it was found in time. Because of that, I feel we are now entitled to choose where we want to end our days, I.e. in the sun! We have paid for our daughter & family to come here to visit us twice. Our son has no problem about us living here & contacts us every day!

Gill, It is your turn. Enjoy your life . You raised your girls and now it's time for you ! I too had  a journey through cancer. I feel ya!


Thanks Rain. Yes I feel I have reared them and now it is our turn. They just cannot accept it though. Haven't spoken to our eldest daughter for over 3 weeks now - not even on Christmas Day! Sad, sad, sad but that's the way she seems to want it!

Gillin! I say Bravo and follow your bliss, your heart, your healing, your home....be with you and your loved ones whether it is from afar or across the street, through the telephone or mail. But let them know as Im sure you have that they are loved, wanted and cared for always...no matter the distance.

I too am a cancer survivor and have made many choices that I've lost friends/family over. Once you hurdle the 'survivor mode', to me, its' all about me maintaining my health and happy. I dont want my family/friends hurt, upset but Ive been a people pleaser all of my life! Now for once, i want to heal, run around looking like the crazed gypsy hippie (with style of course!lol!) and be free and happy and whole and for God's sake healthy!

So, I applaud you for standing strong....now be well and happy dear lady...you deserve all the happy you want!

The question reminded me of Francesa, hard call...



Gah! that is sooooo hard to watch...Ive never seen the movie gonna netflix it NOW....but I am struck by her quiet desperate hunger and hope.....and gritting my teeth over the quiet stone of the man next to her who doesn't even to me acknowledge her or sense any tears or pain coming from her heart. Choices oh my, choices that carry baggage and the weight of OTHERS to decide how we should be happy.

Sigh......I've got the book, Im gonna read it and sob through it ! It mirrors SO many women's hopes dreams that are cornered by outsiders and dashed to pieces....if we let them or feel that we have to, we must or what would the neighbors and family think ? how dare you be happy  outside of what is expected of you ????

Rain, that is one of my favourite movies ... You could just feel the passion between these two! Thanks for reminding me of it.

Had it not been for Skype, I could not have made the decision to move abroad but we speak to our granddaughters regularly.




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