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With everything going on in this world, now we are really talking about women and weapons or carrying a weapon as protection. so I was wondering do any of you use weapons of any kind as your daily protection be it in your purse, pocket or by your bed ?

I have a few people in my life that are gun enthusiasts, and would like for me to 'carry' or at least 'learn' to use a gun. I dont want to  and I'm not comfortable with a gun or knife. However a few weeks ago I was out walking broad daylight, ok area to do so and felt someone behind me and walking fast...my choice was to run, or stand my ground if need be. I turned and faced the guy and just stopped and stared him down, he was freaked that I did so and walked around me and made a quick disappear...that's a good thing, but it had me really upset.

Sometimes, I carry a cane a foldable one in case my knee goes outta wack, but now I'm finding canes that can be modified with a knife or gun inside. Eek! I dont want to go this route, but ???So do any of you carry a weapon or keep one, not being nosey, just want others thoughts or experiences and ideas/comments. Im a real peace loving person, but...realistic.

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I do carry at times depending on the situation some things that could be used if necessary to fend off someone, but now adays with so many people just shooting, well the days of hand to hand self defense in too many cases becomes less the norm. though I think with violence against women hands on a woman is still the main way of acosting a woman....I try to be vigilant and careful, but you never know. Still I don't want a gun....

Funny you mention the cane, last week here we had an old man in his eighties, his handicap pass had expired and the security guard ask him about it, he hit with his cane, he now is jail for assault and they took his cane away because it is evidence. I don't have a gun, my son wanted to buy me one and I wouldn't let him. His wife carries a gun all the time, she work very early in the morning in the basement of a building in a not so good neighborhood,But she is also a hunter and knows how to use it.

I don't and I worry about the escalation in weapons. I thought we had gotten past the wild west mentality where everyone carried a gun.  We certainly don't need a lot of half-trained people wandering around armed and dangerous (and honestly when you see the way people drive cars these days (and that with supposed training and licensing) then it scares me even more to think of everyone being armed.)

As women, the odds of a male attacker being stronger than us is great and if we pull a gun on a potential assailant we also have to be sure we are willing to shoot or else we will simply be handing the loaded gun over to the assailant when he charges us. I think that a karate or self defense course might be a better option so that we can be trained to use the weight and slowness of our opponents against them.

The only time(s) in my life I felt I was in a situation of fear was as a young teen girl. I had three narrow escapes from old men trying to pick me up or chasing me when I was walking in a rural area. I learned to try to get rides or have friends with me. I also learned that there are a lot of dirty old men and pedophiles out there.

As an adult I've never been fearful enough to even think about having any kind of protective weapon.

My thoughts exactly annieoak.

I carry a personal alarm and used to have a big indoor dog.




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