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We are taking about this in Moosie's Crossing on Facebook and it occurred to me this would be a fun topic to explore.  Tell us about the crush that got away, the crush that made you tremble, the crush that rendered you a blithering idiot!   

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Right - I'll start us off shall I ?

My parents and I moved so often my crushes were fleeting, albeit intense. I multi-crushed. When I was in San Fran. in '69 - I was 10 ) there was a dishy chap who was handsome and smart and funny in my class by the name of Tony. I was so smitten I was rendered completely inarticulate. As it turned out, he too was smitten and also rendered tongued tied and blithery whenever I was near. As was typical of my formative years, I was in San Fran. for less than a year. The day JFK was shot, I was walking home for lunch and he caught up with me and told me what had happened. It was the first full out sentence he had ever managed with me ( I was certain he loathed me I might add) and when I burst out crying he threw his arms around me, kissed me, and walked me to my house on Geary Street. OMGooodness . . . I was in love.
Three days later, my mother and I were on board the USNS Barrettt, bound for Yokohama. As we sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge I looked up at the underneath of it and cried my eyes out. My mother was spectacular about my grief and comforted me the best she could manage.

Tony and I wrote to one another for a while. It was wonderful to know he cared for me too. Of course I wonder, "what if . . . " .

In this present time zone, there has been an equally dishy man who renders me  utterly 
discombobulated  despite my best efforts to be suave and sophisticated and cool. It's been going on for almost three years.  It is clear to me that he is unsettled around me too, indeed he has said it is akin to what a  tornado must feel like.  I read a charming line recently that stated that if one has been crushing for more than four months, it's love.  Who am I to argue!

P.S. Has anyone noticed that the word "in" ( as "in love" ) was left out of the above text on the photo? I like that.

Well, there was this employee....and he was about ten years younger...I think I was early 30's...I was the boss lady of the office...and he was just so sweet, kind, warm...everything (sigh..) we were both wild at heart and my heart beat for him, wanted to run away with him. He couldn't handle the office politics or working for the 'man' lol. Heck I couldn't either but I was a single mom and he was just free and single.. we clicked on so many levels but we were most important besties of friends and had such respect for one another. I always wondered if a really big IF.

Recently he popped into my head and I just wondered...FB...naw, ok I'll peek and darn it there he is..family and all...a beautiful family and I was so proud of him and happy for him. Contact him as a friend only, maybe..I would love to met wife sons etc. Only that...but he was truly a huge important secret crush....sssshhhh ! Still a secret lol !

A great story! Thanks for the post Wolfdancer! 




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