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Do you have a favorite winter meal?  I just bought the stuff to make Beef Stew today.  

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grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

Would have to be Turkey Chili and Corn Bread, or maybe Meat Loaf and Baked Potatoes.  But since we are not having winter in Southern CA this year, yesterday I made Khalea (sp?) pulled pork, my version of the Hawaiian dish.  Also have to agree nothing beats a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

You're right about no winter in SoCal this winter Ursula. I'm still BBQing outside in my shorts. Weirdest winter I can remember and I am a native.

I use my slow cooker all winter.  Pot roast in slow cooker is so tender it fall apart. The veggies are also tender.  Then ribs, cook them awhile till red is gone, disgard juice put ribs back in pot with BBQ sauce and cook till tender..no fuss no mess. Even chicken in slow cooker so tender and moist, whole chicken in parts, use broth and rice or noodles or BBQ sauce.  So good.

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                                                                HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND ALL

No I don't have a favorite although I do have comfort foods. As it's only me for a meal, sometimes its Lean Cuisine or WW done in the microwave. Occasionally soup calls to me but not often. Strangely, last year when I was in Ireland(and it wasn't cold out just damp), I ate thick, hearty soups a few times. The best was a potato and leek with ginger. Really good!

I love Potato soup.  Don't know if it's ever had Leek in it.  I'm pretty sure it didn't have ginger.  That would add a distinct flavor that might make it interesting.  




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