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What's your favorite dinner foods?  Do you like to cook it or get take out?

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I don't think I want to try them either Karin.  I wouldn't know how to cook them, but that's true about many things.  I'm almost as bad as Tim in the kitchen. 

Unfortunately I eat regularly at fast food places because my schedule usually doesn't allow for lunch at home and I hate brown bagging it except at horse shows where sometimes yours is the only food available so you better bring it! Otherwise I eat home favoring salmon either baked, broiled or poached, broiled turkey burgers and occasionally a meatless meal either soy meat or pasta. Hardboiled eggs are a favorite regardless of whether I'm home or at a show. Meatloaf & mashed potatoes are comfort foods for me. I rarely do take out...I either eat in the restaurant or cook at home.  

New England or Manhattan? 

I used to hate clam chowder, and then I tried the stuff my truckstop used to serve.  Fantastic!  We could never keep it on hand all through the day.  Now I love the stuff.  But only the New England; I'm still not terribly fond of the Manhattan style. 

i pretty much eat whatever is put in front of me.

I love Manhattan clam chowder. 

you are a new yorker,right?

I am a steak. potato and salad lady. I also love authentic  Spaghetti and Meat Balls. An old friend taught me how to cook it years ago. i also love Pot roast with all the trimmings. If I am in a hurry I get take out.Otherwise my Daughter or I cook.

Can you give us the recipe? I  once tasted a clam chowder in Vermont and it was so delicious.




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