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If you could find someone special, what are you looking for?  What matters most to you at this point in life?

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Steve, that's good news about the house.  Sounds like you won't be around for the cold winter weather.  Glad to hear that.  You never know, your friend may follow you once she realizes she misses you. 

Well, my .2 is I want a man to do all sorts of stuff with: fishing, going to a movie, long/short walks, hikes,camping, having dinner,cooking with someone, cuddling, making love etc. I am not dead and have  a strong desire to have meaningful relationship with a man that can "rock my world (mind, heart and soul). Hopefully this weekend I will meet this man. He lives 3 hours away from me. We have an agreement to meet smack dab in the middle for each of us driving wise this weekend. Excited, you are darn right. Hopefully we hit it off as well as we have on the phone, talking and texting.


Good luck, Abby!!  Go get 'em, Girlfriend!!

I'm looking for a life of no more worry, no more drama....peace and tranquility.  If I could win a lottery or PCH, I'd be one happy camper.  I've given up on finding the love of my life.  The only concerns I have now are financial.

I am not looking for a big heavy romance.  I would like, however, to find a gentleman I can share a few laughs and experiences with.  I don't want marriage, and I don't even want a live-in, really; most of us are pretty set in our ways and don't really adapt well to cohabitating anymore.  I like a certain amount of independence.  I like decorating my home as I like, having some control over the remote, and spending all night with my nose in a good book, if that's what I want.  But, I like to travel, even just little day trips, and I like going places and doing things, and it's much more fun with someone.  I have some groups I belong to, and I do things with them, but it's not the same as having a man to talk to......a man's outlook.  I have girlfriends to talk girl stuff with; I want a man to talk about things that interest him...sports, politics, current events, cars, fishing......whatever.  I want a guy to watch football with; none of my gal pals like it.  I would like to take the scenic highway through the mountains this fall with a fella.....stop and eat, take pictures, etc.  I don't want to change him and I don't want him to ask me to change.  I just want someone to be the yin to my yang....or is it the other way around?  ;-)  He doesn't need money; I'm happy doing things that only take a little time and gas. A Chicago style hot dog is just as enjoyable as a steak dinner.  It's the companionship I miss.  Like Lynn says...my dog isn't good on conversation. 

Recently I discovered that I've stopped focusing on finding another partner. Now I'd just like a friendly male who is interesting to talk to and spend time with. My life is mostly satisfying and interesting even with the off days. I'm not sure how I'd fit a new significant other into it without dropping something else.   

I was looking for a new mechanic to help out at the shop,i found the perfect one.


Is she good with tools? ;-)

Karin, I'll bet she's good with tools.  :) 

who cares?

Her tools are mighty impressive. That wrench is pretty big too.

Yes, but can she handle a screwdriver? ;-)




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