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With the weekend here I've trying to figure out what to do tomorrow.  It's a trip to the bank and likely the supermarket and then to see my son.  What you got planned?

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After housework this morning, I have a trip to the bank and then the last anthropology class. Tonight I need to review what I have already packed for my Japan trip on tuesday and see what else I need to add. I also need to buy some magazines to read on the planes...already have my books. Tomorrow after the gym I'd like to see a movie and I also have to do some wash. Nothing too special planned for the weekend. 

I done a similar thing to you Helen,  I took some money out and bought some food items,

I've been looking for something different to eat, lol!

And because both my daughters live Interstate these days,

I can't just pop down the road to see them for a while,

so you are very fortunate.

Now it is 11:30pm on the best night of the week (Saturday) here,

and I look out the back and out the front and there is not one single light on

in the whole complex of 40 senior's units....

I'm goanna top up my glass and go sit out the back

and listen to the Curlews crying......

Yep - I remember that one with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep from memory.




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