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What are your plans for the weekend?

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Actually working, but it should be fun.  Going to a work reception and taking photos!

Going out for Mexican food tonight with my neighbor then will just see what happens for the rest of the week-end.

Working so that I can take 2 days off at the end of this month for a short Florida vacation.

I went to the First Friday party up at the courthouse.  They call it Harford county's largest block party.  They had a great band tonight.  They sell beer and food, which I didn't get any.  I had my 11 month old granddaughter with me and she had a blast.  It's the first time I've taken her.  I didn't know how she'd react, because the music is really loud, but she loved it.  Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'm doing.  Definitely going for a walk.  I love walking and the weather is perfect. 

It sounds like you're having a great weekend.

Glad I enjoyed yesterday, because the weather is really getting ugly this afternoon.  I did get in my walk though. 

Bob, that sounds like a good trade off.  A vacation, even a short one, is always good. 

After the housework, I planned to go to a library that reopened after being renovated. It usually has a good selection of DVDs of cable shows and then lunch at Wendy's and possibly some scrabble with a friend. Tomorrow after church, I'm meeting a friend for a meander through the local zoo as it is supposed to be a nice day. Then we'll play catch up over some refreshments as we haven't seen each other is a while.

Jetting to Hawaii for some surfing and a luau. Then it's off to the Amazon to discover an undescribed species of primate.

Ahh! A  fantasy weekend!

Didn't turn out so well. The surf was flat and the Amazon was closed for maintenance.

party at your house this weekend.




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