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The weekend is here and it's time to do something we like to do. I have plans to watch the Ravens vs The Broncos game and hope the Ravens win, so we can keep pursuing the Super Bowl.  I'm also watching my granddaughter, so I'll teach her how to root for the hometeam.  What are your plans for the weekend?  Let's see how many different things we have planned. 


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Have no big plans for the week end. Usually go to dinner on fri with my neighbor, but she just called and said she has an eye infection.We are supposed to be really cold all week-end and some snow tonight. Our town is going "United for Orange" we are in the playoffs and the 1st game is Sat, they are having a big pep rally at Mile High stadium tonight for everyone. Not me, I'll be staying home where its warm. There is a class for my new NOOK HD+ tonight, but if its bad I'll just go next fri. The high all wek-end thru tues is only going to be 20.

I'm going out to hear my friend's band play tonight at the local Moose Lodge with some friends.  Tomorrow I'm driving to Savannah to go out to dinner with a good friend to celebrate her birthday next week, Sunday I'll drive back to take my best friend here out to lunch for HER birthday (which is tomorrow) at a local hotel that has a rooftop penthouse overlooking the ocean.  After that, I'm going to hear another friend who sponsors a singer songwriter concert once a month that night.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous all weekend, so it should be a nice (2.5 hour) drive each day, too!

After work tonight I'm headed out to a CD release party a fellow musician is holding, should be nice and lots of musical fun. I have my first Saturday off in about 7 months, so, I might come home late and sleep in. No football plans, want to get out and walk a little and see the snow before it all melts away. It should come back next week, I hope.

heading out to PA in a little while(my sister invited me for dinner)

I'll be working in the morning, then off to the beauty shop for a quick haircut, and back home to watch Helen's Ravens beat the Broncos!!  I loved waching the Ravens last weekend. 

Believe it or not, here in Phoenix the temperature is going down to freezing 4 nights in a row.....very unusual for us.  High right now is 49.  And everybody thinks we only have heat....LOL!!

One of my Eons friends from New Hampshire is visiting Phoenix for 3 months.  She wanted to escape the snow for a little while.  We will be getting together soon for lunch. 

For a change my weekend is filled with things to do and places to go. Tomorrow I'm having lunch at an Indian restaurant with a women's group I joined last year. I'm undecided if I should go bowling afterward. Sunday I have a clinic to attend on equine conformation and then I'll be going to a dance at a local community center.

 No offense, Helen, but I'll be rooting for the Broncos.  Not that I have any great allegiance to Denver.....but I have loved Peyton Manning for many years, all while he was with the Colts.  I lived in Indiana in those days, and I think I'd follow Peyton anywhere.  But, if the Ravens win....it won't really break my heart.  I was rooting for them last week. 

I'm still getting settled in after being gone for almost 2 months.  I'm finally unpacked, but I have housework and laundry to catch up on. 

Plus!!.....My son announced last night that he is taking me on my Alaskan cruise this summer, and has given me the task of researching the cruise lines for the right deal.  I will happily stay on my computer all weekend, if it means I get to cross "Cruise Alaska" off my Bucket List. 

Did I tell you I love my son? :-)

I can recommend Royal Carribean. I took their Alaska cruise in 2007 and enjoyed it particularly as it was my first cruise. One of the mistakes I made though was overbooking land tours.  A few trips in different cities looking at the flora and fauna turned out to be one too many.

I took Princess' Inside Passage tour, and I took land tours at each stop, but I enjoyed them - I took the White Pass Rail Tour and a bus up into the Yukon that I particularly enjoyed, as well as one out to see the Glacier, but I didn't take any "fancy" tours that may have been more exciting (like the one where I would have gone on the Glacier as opposed to looking at the mouth of it!)  I wasn't that crazy about Princess - a lot of couples. I have cruised on Carnival and the most recent was a Mediterranean cruise on Norwegian Cruise line, and I enjoyed them more, but I was with my girlfriends on Carnival, and I met a really nice Welshman and a couple of his friends on NCL, and had dinner with them every night which made it very nice.  Enjoy whatever you do!

No offense, Karin.  The Colts aren't a favorite in Baltimore since they left here in the middle of the night and went to Indianapolis.  That's long before my time here.  I do love the Ravens since my son got me interested in football a few years back. 

Alaska cruise should be amazing.  I'll bet you love your son.  Sounds like a great guy. 

Because I live in Denver burbs, I'll be for the Broncos. Peyton being here  has brought this city together, like we haven't seen since John Elway appeared on the scene. Going to be really cold for the game. People started standing in line 3 hours before the pep rally started tonight and its really cold now too.

Lucky you going on an Alaska Cruise.My son has lived in Anchorage for over 30 years and has homesteaded property in the mountains.

Friday night went to a wonderful art exhibit.  Saturday morning most likely will work out and go to yoga class.  Saturday night I'll be watching the Packers beat the 49ers!  Sunday is wide open!




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