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I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see Spring, but it's here.  It was beautiful here today.  Hope you're all enjoying good weather also.  Anyone starting to get into doing things this weekend in the great outdoors?

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Glad to hear that you are experiencing spring-like weather.  Woke up this morning to a snow!  I'm really getting tired of cold and snow!  Wish spring would come to my area too! *big sigh*

Happy Spring to you Helen. Down South where I am the weather is not getting very pleasant because the temps have climbed up to 96 degrees but after such a long winter I'm enjoying the hot weather. Just hope the rains hurry up and come soon or we will be roasting for a while. lol

We had opening day for the Rockies here yesterday, and we won, but are supposed to get snow again on tues.

We had opening day for the Baltimore Orioles yesterday and we won also.  Phil I'm already been walking 2-2.5 miles a day the last two days.  Boy am I out of shape.  As long as it's warm and not raining I'll be out there.  Even have a nice lightweight umbrella stroller for my granddaugther.  Going to start taking her for walks too.  She's going to be 7 months old tomorrow. 

I'll kiss her for you Phil.  She's so cute.  She wasn't home for two days and I missed her.  I really enjoy having her around, but have to share her with the other grandma. :)  I only walked 1.4 miles to church today because it's so windy. 

Stop bragging. ☺  Is 39º here now but sunny as of this afternoon. Just walked about 3/4 mile out toward the woods through the slush and snow. Saw four deer, two Mallards, and a big solid patch of ants about an inch thick on top of an ant hill. And yesterday I rode  my bike for the first time this year. And I see a little water starting to come into my basement, a sure sign of spring.

They say tommorow is going to be 72 and then overnight into tues we are going to get upwards of 6 inches of snow.

If you count friday as part of the weekend...I rode outside but was a bit nervous as it was quite breezy and I was afraid that some windblown object might spook the horse. It didn't happen though and we  had a good lesson. I did use the nice weather to hang wash out on the line well-anchored...it dried fairly fast! The few bulbs in my garden have bloomed but the forsythia is half & half..can't make up its mind! Happy walking! 

It was 40 centigrade down here and I'm expecting my knitting group   Tuesday day so I had to go buy some stuff at the grocery store and I was drenched because Walmart's hadn't put the AC on.  People were all bunched up by the electric fans that were on exhibit. lol  The weather sure changed all of a sudden. :-(

Zochitl, I'll take sweating any day over freezing.  I'm not a winter person.  Only thing that keeps me here are the kids and grandkids. 

I know what you mean. At least you can bundle up and feel great but with heat it's under the shower all the time to cool off!! ha-ha.

Boy is spring finally here.  It was over 80 degrees today.  I noticed the Forsythia in bloom and some of the flowering pear trees.  It's so nice to feel the warmth of the sun finally.  Even the dog wouldn't leave me alone.  He wanted to keep going out. 




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