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I don't know if I mentioned this last year, but NYC colleges offer seniors the opportunity to take college courses for no credit at a reduced rate and you can take a number of classes per semester all for the price of $80. So last spring I took Anthropology 101 and although I was the eldest in the class, I found that it gave me insight into other cultures that I wouldn't have had otherwise. An added benefit was having to write short essays on different topics as well as make a presentation on a topic of my choice (I chose herd immunization). I so seldom compose letters or essays that I felt it necessary push my brains to exert itself. Keeping the brain stimulated is a necessary thing for me.   

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I take Osher classes at a local university.  My understanding is that the program is available at over 100 schools across the nation.  It's part of the Bernard Osher Foundation for Lifelong Learning.  Cost is minimal, only requirement is admitting you are over 50.  :-). Classes meet once a week for 6-8 weeks.

I agree that mental stimulation is a vital thing!

I've never heard of it but will look into it as I like to attend classes on Saturdays since there is not a parking meter to feed then. Last semester I couldn't find a class and so did not register. I missed it.

I heard this before.  I think it's a great idea.  

We have a group here for discussions and lectures, called Active Minds for older people. They talk about politics, history and just about anything. This week we went to one on Inventions that changed the world, I thought we would discuss planes and computers, but it was Abacus,hypodermic needle, paper clip and safety glass. Coming up is the history of Chocolate, Richard Nixon, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Japanese Interment (Will be looking forward to that one as we had a camp here in Colo. and our Governor refused to keep them locked up . In feb an Olympic ice skating judge is coming to talk to us.They also do history bus tours too, and the best thing no test and no homework.




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