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This is my little baby Mikki Meeowse.  My neighbor says I saved her but she really saved me.  She is my blessing when my life was going downhill.  Now I have love....who needs a man...LOL!  She loves me unconditionally and never leaves my side.  Don't you think she's precious?  What kind of pet do you have?

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I was trying to post a video of Mikki but I can't figure out how to do that....help!  LOL!

Phil, why would I mind you commenting!?  I love Doobie!  He looks like a minature panther....so beautiful.  I love cats.  They have such awesome personalities.  My little Mikki is tiny but she has the biggest personality ever.

This is Scotch (Butterscotch) He is 12 years old and he owns the house, lets me stay here because I pay the bills. He has a perfect alarm clock goes off every morning at 6am, never even gets messed up with the time change. He walks on a leash and loves dogs but doesn't like other cats.

Last summer I tried Reyna on a leash on my front stoop and she was fine with it as long as the feral cat who lives in my garden doesn't try to visit with her. Haven't tried her on it this year yet.

AAWWW!!!  Butterscottch is beautiful!!!  I use to have a yellow cat named Billy.  She's was the most loving cat ever.  My ex got her in the divorce settlement and she died a few months later.  Not sure why.  Hurt my heart.  Now I have little Mikki Meeowse and she is healing my soul.  There is so much love in this little kitty body it just amazes me.  She holds her little head up for kisses and closes her eyes when I press me lips to her cheeks.  She's the most awesome cat ever and gives me such love.  No human has ever loved me as much as this little kitten.

Pets are so loyal.  It's really amazing. 

The more I know people......the more I love my dog.  When I cuddle him at night and tell him I love him.....he groans down deep in his throat, as if to say, "I know". 

She's beautiful. I have an entire cat family here now, the male brought the female here and now they have 3 little ones. All precious but enough already!  :) 





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