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Hi everyone.  I've noticed that things have really died down on here.  I would like your input as to what you would like to see discussed in the group.  Let's see if we can get this group going again.  Thanks. Helen

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My participation varies depending on what else I have going on. This isn't so much input as it is an observation. This group has been pretty much replicated in boomerville. That's fine and all that, but I find now I got two places having many of the same people. It stands to reason it will affect the level of activity compared to having a group on only one site. I can't speak for anyone else, but I find spreading it thin like this makes it a bit more difficult for me to check in consistently.

I agree with Mercer, Helen.  With the same group and members on Boomerville, why not just close this group and we can hang out on Boomerville.  There is much more posting and good discussions going on there. 

Actually, it is not just you. What I am doing right now, responding to a former comment, you can't do that in boomerville. You'd think so as there are links that lead you to believe you can, but you can't.

I checked the Boomerville before joining this one and felt this one to edge it out. I am also on AARP (as "Shadowman") which seems to have a good site with many groups but slow.

I actually hesitated to join boomerville originally as I didn't like being spread too thin. Of the two, I find tbd more to my liking. Maybe its my slower dsl connection, but I find boomerville slow as molasses to use. It seems to be a resource hog. In my experience, it's also unstable. On more than one occasion I've had issues with it not performing the way it is supposed to.

Boomerville IS slow! I find it frustrating to wait for pages to load, and it's not so easy to navigate. There's no way to jump to the most recent post in a group, and there's no way to find out if there are recent posts without going to the group's home page.

I prefer the way this site works and plan to stay here. I check in on both sites all the time, and have different groups on each site. But, this is my preferred site for now.

I like TBD better also.  I like the fact that you can talk to people in real time on the chat engine.  The chat program on Boomerville is just a different place to posts.  Altho posts are nice, there are more times I'd rather actually interact with people on a more personal basis....like an actual conversation...especially when I have nights I can't sleep.  This is a place to go and find someone to talk to.  If you want to keep both places going, maybe just posts different things and not duplicate.  Either way I'll still be around....somewhere...lol.


Boomerville is so slow that it took me 20 minutes to post an answer as long as this one.

I complain but they do not listen


yes boomerville IS VERY slow like frozen molasses

I ike this site better. I don't find Bonneville very user friendly & it often takes so mush to get around that after I have  looked at one post I give up. But I guess I'll go with whatever the group does, but sure how much.

I've just gotten used to TBD when I received invitations to join Boomerville....I declined as it's too much trouble to set up a new profile etc. plus I am trying to revive a group here that went under..Fabulous Felines. I realize that as the moderator, Helen, it's always a bit of a strain to find topics that are new and interesting and generate comment. You've done a wonderful job and I will continue to support you on this site as long as it is open.    

My groupe here


gets slow at times but someone pops in with a new topic once in a while

even tho it is a writing group

some responded to the comfort foods thread and that turned out interesting

I only have 4 groups here as I am busy helping with Chris's mother ( 1st stages of Alzheimer Syndrome)

I will be teaching them how to plant a garden

i just finished pruning 5 of their trees and shrubs

I am the one that cooks at the bbq ( rain, snow or sunshine )

I have 4 visitors coming here in March,April and May or June

plus I am repacking some of my boxes


etc etc etc....I be a busy girl




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