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Here we go again.  Freezing temperatures and upwards of 6 inches of snow.  Are you going to be getting snow and cold weather again this week?  This area is hilarious with this weather.  All the schools will close.  This storm is going to hit in the middle of the day here. It will be interesting to see what happens with the businesses.  

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Snow didn't start until around 10:30AM and I was already in class. It was so light that it didn't stick and so managed to have lunch and make a stop at the bank before I went home. It didn't start sticking until 3PM. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Carol, makes you wonder what it would take to call a truce with bad weather.  We only got a minimal amount and none of it stuck.  

I think we're good for a little while.

Tim, you may be right.  

The weather is warmer (in the high 40s) and so we are having melting and rain. Also a bit of fog this afternoon. Tomorrow is sunny(good for drying wash) and Friday is more rain, but clearing by saturday. We've had a total of 76 inches here but I know others have had a lot more.

we got up to 42* today and sunny.It felt great.

It does feel good  My son, my granddaughter and me were outside.  My friend from upstairs was outside too.  We had the baby playing in the snow.  Let's hope we are done with all the really bad weather for a while.  

more snow next week

Tim, tell me that's one of your jokes!  Please!

I don't know what you're getting,but they said 3-6" on Tuesday here.

Wow!  I haven't hear anything like that.  I hope it's going to miss us.  That does happen on rare occasion. 

We have finally gotten  out of the snow and deep freeze, been having some decent temps50's, but having horrible-damaging winds.




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