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How are you at making friends?  Do you find it easy or difficult?  I find I'm very good at making friends and find it very easy.  I like to talk a lot but have been told I'm a good listener.  

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I make friends pretty easy,

I make enemies even easier,j/k

I make friends pretty easily.  Problem is with my hours I'm on an opposite schedule than most people.  I work with all men and we are friends there butI don't think their wives (SO's) would like us being friends out side of it.  Oh well I have ya'll and my horses and dog....

I have had three bad marriages. One wonderful marriage which left me a widow. I still think its worth the time and effort to make new friends. Its nice meeting and corresponding with new people. It keeps life interesting.

In the quest to make new friends, I attended a new meetup group yesterday in Manhattan. We met in a deli on Broadway on W83rd St. It was a mixed group both gender and agewise but the lower range of age was about 50. I got off to a slow start more due to the background noise as I couldn't hear some of the conversations. I wound up talking quite a bit to the woman on my  right and spent more time than I'd expected at the event. I decided that if there is another in the near future that I would attempt to attend.


it's tough making friends these days,there are many angry people in the world these days. but I keep trying.

I am good at making friends on social sites. Not so much in real life. Hardly see anyone now since the pandemic. Since I retired to the farm I don't many people anymore. I have made many new friends by joining local Historical Society, local German Society, Texas Master Naturalists and Texas Master Gardeners.




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