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So far we have:

cherry tomatoes sweet 100 and cucumbers and pumpkins in the front...the back is all sweet corn

Just planted some Begonias in window boxes outside and moved all my houseplants outside.  I think the houseplants got hit by a bit of frost.  I just cut them back so they'll branch out today.  Marginatas leaves were falling off way too fast.  Hopefully all is well. 

Flowers around the deck railings....6 baskets of flowers hanging from the arbor my son built for me. One Mahgout lime tree from Thailand on the deck. And under the arbor.....sweet banana peppers, jalapenos, green and red bell peppers, and herbs.....sweet basil, sage, oregano, rosemary, thyme and cilantro. On the deck floor in front of the arbor....Big Boy tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, and sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. And my daughter-in-law has some tea plants, Thai basil, and lemon grass. Oh....and we have two Jasmine plants.

Karin, you'll be able to make dinner from your garden in a few months.  My son would love that garden when he cooks.  Hope they all do well.

OUR FLOWER GARDEN is looking and smelling wonderful.  our Jasmines,Gardenias,hibiscus, Lantana, Morning Glory"s and Day Lilly's  are thriving.The front yard looks so pretty. It makes me smile.

Dee I don't have space for all you have, but it sounds wonderful.  You'll have to post photos when they are in full bloom. 

Hi Helen, I will do that.I am a flower and plant lover. I was so upset today we had one of our crazy storms blow in from no where. It had sixty mile an hour winds and quarter size hail.It didn't do very much damage to my garden. Have a fun time with your grand Daughter.


My garden is in sad shape after being neglected while I was 2 weeks in Japan where I saw a number of beautiful gardens. Those around the castles in Matsumoto and Kyoto are beautifully kept. At most of the temples/shrines the gardeners even gently sweep downfallen leaves off the mosses. Old pines have their longer limbs supported by uprights and carefully pruned of excess cones. So today I hope to spend some time trimming back the wild forsythias and weeding after I return from my lesson. It's rainy here so weeding should be easier with wet ground. On a good note, my rose bush is in full bloom. 




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