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Do any of you have hobbies that you enjoy?  I have house plants that I grow and in the summer I grow flowers outside.  

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My current hobby is Genealogy. I've been at it since my mom first mentioned where people came from. She had most of it correct, but her time-lines were all off a bit. My Grandmother started a search, by mail and phone calls in the late fifties. Her other daughter kept up that search. My aunt and I continued to share information until she died last year. My cousin has all of her papers and is going to share about 400 pages with me sometime this year. My dad's mom kept track the old way, in the family bible. In the 80's she told me that since I always talked to her about those names, that she was going to leave me the bible and that I had to keep adding names. Of course, there wasn't any room (she had 22 grandchildren and more than that in great grand children by now). This past October I began putting up the family tree on Wikitree.com. It's a free site that uses wiki technology. Wiki tree wants to merge family trees, so that people are not duplicated as they are on other sites where family trees are posted. In this way, I benefit from other people's research. I may know one person, but not any of their siblings or parents. A merge may add the missing pieces and perhaps generations! Since October I've added over 1500 name profiles to Wikitree, and have note books full left to add.

That sounds interesting. I think I'll try that Wikitree cite.

I have a few hobbies. I do sea shell art Which means I decorate things with sea shells. I also make pictures with shells.

I am a collector of cat figurines.I have all kinds In many sizes,shapes and colors. I display them everywhere I find room.

My latest hobby is jewelry making. I just started this and have not completed anything yet. Since I love jewelry of all kinds I am sure I will have fun with this new venture.

 I am looking forward to hearing what hobbies you all have.I think it is an interesting subject.

When I was younger I had more hobbies: I did cross stitch, crocheting, macramé and knitting plus reading. LOTS of reading! I also bought souvenirs and some collectibles. Now I think I've pared it down as I find that some of what I've done have turned into dust collectors. I still read a lot but one hobby, equestrian sports, has become a passion and travel has become a hobby. I expect both of these will end as I age and I'll fall back on the more sedentary hobbies.  


I've taken the boys fishing when they were younger.  It was always a fun day.

Hey Flipper, I like fishing too. Its been a bit chilly for me to do any lately even here in Florida. Do you like Ocean or lake fishing best?  I prefer ocean fishing ,


Dee,I been in the ocean a million times,but I never been on the ocean.i'll hafta try it real soon.

I am into music first, then.. furniture refinishing, fishing, decorating , gardening in the summer, preparing foreign foods and a few other things. Time is a factor, seems there just isn't enough to do all I would like.




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