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The weekend is upon us.  What are you looking forward to doing?  Only plan I have is to go to The Festival for the Arts.  Big party at a local park that has vendors selling paintings, jewelry, and other decorations.  They also have lots of live music.  I have been going to it for many years.  Always loads of fun.  So tell us about your plans.

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No plans......not as yet. I was supposed to go out with the girls tonight, but my son needed the truck today, so I am grounded. It will be a really pleasant weekend, though.....so I might check out the new Civil War Park they just opened near me. Good weekend to put the dog in the car and go.

Tomorrow I have a massage scheduled and then I have to finish packing for the flight to Chicago the next day. I'm doing another Road Scholar trip. I've never been to this city and am looking forward to the change in scenery. 

Carol, what's a Road Scholar trip?

Helen, Road Scholar is the new name of Elderhostel which has been around for 30(?) years...maybe more. I've been traveling with them, on and off, since 2008 as I'm traveling alone and this way I get the group benefits expensewise and meet new people and a bonus, I'm generally having my meals with one or more people which I don't do when I'm home. Sometimes I ask for a roommate and so far the 3 that I've had have been nice and fun.  Helen, don't knock Baltimore...I really like the Inner Harbor and would  like on my next trip (if there is one) to go to the Peabody Institute.   

Carol, how long will you be in Chicago and what do you plan to see there?  I love Chi-Town.  I have lived near it all my life, and visited it often.  So much to do....historical tours, concerts, theater, the Lakefront, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, the planetarium, and the aquarium.  And, of course, the food!!  :-)  Whatever you do.....give us the scoop when you get back, ok? 

Karin, sounds like plenty to do in Chicago.  Baltimore doesn't have anywhere near that.  I like Washington DC, but haven't been there in years.  We took the kids there a number of times.  I even spent one New Years eve at the Kennedy center.

It's a great place to visit, Helen (Chicago, that is), but you have to be very vigilant about where you go at night.  Lots of dangerous places and lots of scary people out there.  53 murders and 240 people shot in August alone.  It's a war zone. 

Karin...it's a 6-day trip and we'll be housed in Club Quarters which is downtown Chicago not far from Millionaires Mile(?). It's also supposed to be close to a lot of the sites. Both the MSI and Field Museum are on the list of sites we'll see plus I'd like to see the Chicago History Museum and we're having lunches at Greektown and an Italian area. I'd like to squeeze in a Polish meal as I don't get to eat it much since my husband died. He introduced me to Polish food as he was of full Polish extraction.  

Sounds like a wonderful itinerary.  The Museum of Science and Industry and the Field Museum can each be partially viewed in a day, but they require a longer time to see everything.  The only time I went to the Chicago History Museum was to see one traveling exhibit ("Without Sanctuary"), but it was a nice museum.  Every restaurant in Greektown is good.  Likewise with the Polish, Lithuanian, Italian, Chinese, etc.  The Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave.) is a truly wonderful place for a stroll on a nice day.  It goes along Lake Michigan, and is a couple blocks east of State Street ("that great street").  AccuWeather shows nice weather for the next week -- 50s and 60s at night, upper 60s to lower 80s during the day.  Every place you're going to be is relatively safe.  Naturally you should not be foolishly risky (stumbling around drunk and alone at 3:00 a.m. is foolhardy anywhere in Chicago), but violent crime and robbery are fairly rare in the areas where you'll be.  Enjoy!

I remember being in Las Vegas in 1990 at a convention and when I told someone where I lived, they were aghast and their response was how dangerous it was to live in NYC! In the meantime the local news had noted 4 killings and it was only overnight that this had happened. But I will take note of the warnings and act accordingly as I DO intend to enjoy myself! 

I agree with Robert; the areas you are in are pretty safe. They have great Polish food in Chicago! My mil was Lithuanian, and she wanted some Eastern European food while in the area, and my ex found her a great Polish buffet. It was the best Borscht I have ever had. I envy you; I miss Chicago. Have a great time!

My  son,his wife and my sister are taking me to a Slueth Dinner Club in Orlando. I have never been to one before, We went and it was a lot of fun. The dinner was pretty good. They served plenty of beer and wine. The acting was very good too. It was a comedy type show, Usually I am pretty good at who done its. I didn't have a clue.It was a fun evening. I would like to go to another one sometime in the future.




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