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To all of you that are Grandparents, Sunday Sept 8 is Grandparents day!  Maybe the kids and grandkids will remember us.  Since I have 3 family grandchildren and one that's going to be a grandchild by marriage and already calls me Grandma Helen, I'll see who remembers.  Do you have any special things you do for that day?

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I truly think this is one that Hallmark made up, right after they got done with Sweetest Day!
My grandkids show me love and respect all thru the year.

I don't have any grandchildren, but I will be busy early as I'm competing out on LI. My division is early and so my horse and I will be warming up at 7AM. I really don't like getting up at 3AM!

I don't have grandkids.never had grandparents.

That's kinda sad. Not that u don't have grandkids......but that you didn't have grandparents. So who did you go to when you wanted to get what your parents said no to?

Hi Karin,

the thing is,me and little brother came along later,,,after they were gone.

That's really too bad. Grandparents add such richness to a child's upbringing. They bring a lot of things to the table.....wisdom, experience, patience, and, most of all, time. They have the time to devote to you that your parents don't....because of the demands put on them. They have the time to teach you how to bait a hook or bake bread. They can fix your broken bike, fix you chicken soup when you're sick, make your Halloween costume, bake you your favorite cookies, or read a bedtime story. My grandmother used to call me over and tell me she wanted to whisper something to me.....and then she'd press a silver dollar into my hand, and say, "Shhhhh!". I thought I was special.....until I grew up and realized she'd been doing the same thing for my brother!

wow,i sure missed out on a lot.

Not necessarily; my granddad ran over me with his tractor!  (Not his fault) 

I do know my pop's father was from Hungary and his mother was from what was then Transylvania,my mas folks were from Germany.

My paternal great grandparents were from Germany. My grandparents were the first generation born here. My maternal grandmother was from Norway; her ex-husband, who I never knew, was from Denmark.

hey Karin,I would just like to say,,Shmorgasbord.




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