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Good morning all.  Hope you're having a great day!  It's very cold (mid 20's) here in Maryland.  Where is spring?  I'm so ready for warm weather.  Are you ready for spring or do you enjoy the cold weather?

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Too damn cold here in Jacksonville Beach today!  It was 34 degrees and in the 20's with the wind chill when I took Brandy for her morning constitutional (1 hour walk).  It's supposed to get up to 52 this afternoon, but dropping to 25 degrees again tonight.  Luckily for me, it will get up to the 60's then the 70's and by Saturday it's supposed to be back up to 79 degrees again.  There's a REASON I kept moving south after spending my first 35 years in the midwest!!

Okay its not that cold here in Texas; 40's last nite with a high of 70 today.

It's 40 in TN right now and still too hot for me.  Where is the snow!??  I'm dreading summer.  It's so hot and humid here and the bugs will eat you alive if you're out in the yard for any length of time.  It's a miserable season.

It was 74 today here in Phoenix and 79 yesterday.  I like the cooler weather because it will be at 110 plus degrees too soon!!

Mickchick, I heard about the freezing cold in Florida.  You are dressed nice and warm for your walk!  Keep walking til you get to warm weather here with me...LOL!!

It was so cold this morning when I walked to church.  Had a scarf around my face, but then my glasses fog up and I can't see.  Where's the wonderful hot July weather that I love?  I need heat and lots of it. 

I always enjoy the seasonal change but not so much the extremes in temperature. In the cooler weather I tend to have more energy to get  out and do things. Our temps have been hovering around the low 40s and high 20s, and so while I don't walk outside much, I have gone bowling, attended my college class and done my chores. I miss having a dog to take walks with except when the weather is really nasty!


Yesterday (Sunday) was a beautiful day along the Loxahatchee River -- had a nice "winter" hike with the dog.

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It's a brisk 70 degrees down here in Mexico and it will reach in the 80's today, Nice weather to sit and  enjoy the sun. Sorry about you people up there in the North. You should come down and warm up a bit. ha-ha. I hope you doggie has a sweater on Mickchick.

34 degrees again this morning for our walk - Brandy not only doesn't need a sweater, she revels in the cold - doesn't bother her a bit.  IF we took a nice BRISK walk, it may not bother me as much, but she's a chow and loves to sniff one spot for minutes at a time and then creeps along from spot a to spot b.  I've learned to exercise while I walk her  - it's the only way to stay warm, lol!

She's adorable. She sure must enjoy the cold weather. What happens when  the weather get warmer? Do you  trim  some of that gorgeous hair down?

No, she's double coated and the fur actually acts as insulation against cold AND heat.  Since we live in a condo, she's indoors most of the time any way.  The two I had previously had to stay outdoors when I lived in south Georgia, and I did end up giving them "lion cuts", shaved down all over (though not to the skin), but with a tuft on their tail and the ruff around their heads. 

She's quite stubborn and likes to visit anyone she sees out and about as well as one of my friends who lives in the same complex - if she doesn't want to go where I am walking - she drops and flops on the ground, lol! She hadn't rolled over yet in this picture, though she usually will!

Mickchick what a beautiful dog.  Looks like she's fun.  I have a 6 lb miniature chihuahua and he's cold all the time.  He really belongs to my son's girlfriend, but when she's not here he's with me.  He's finally accepted the fact the baby is here to stay. 




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