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There was so much to watch over the weekend.  I love the Olympics, but I also love The Beatles.  Last evening I was so torn about what to watch.  Beatles won. 

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I hate to say this.....it's probably un-American......but I loved the Beatles.....for the first 20 years or so. But then I think I had kinda burned out on them. I still love some of the songs that were written by John and Paul, but as far as the group goes, I'm sorta over it. I'm more of an Eagles fan. I know I'm really odd.....but I never have been a big fan of the Stones, either. There are a few songs I like, but I can really take 'em or leave 'em. So, having said that (I came out of the closet), I opted for the Olympics last night. It was fun watching Jamie Anderson win gold in downhill snowboarding. And the little 15-yr-old Russian skater, Yulia, was phenomenol on the ice. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, she will take the gold in womens' figure skating next week. Our Gracie Gold is good....and may take the silver....but my money says Yulia will take the gold. And Yvgeny is a pompous, self-absorbed, snarky a**......but he really is as good as he thinks he is. Our young 18-yr-old male figure skater is great, and I think he will win.....next time. He will be a force to be reckoned with in 2018.

I had to watch the Beatles. The winter Olympics are every four years and I can read the results in the paper. Ringo and Paul together? Like maybe never again.

I chopped ice and shoveled snow

That sounds like a barrel of laughs, Tim.  Another 8-12 inches of snow is on it's way. I can't wait. for spring.  Be careful shoveling.  It's supposed to be wet snow.  

I only watched a few minutes of the Beatles when Ringo was leading the sing along. The same for the Olympics and I watched some of the figure skating. I was busy with a class on Saturday followed by cleaning the house and sunday I was doing a flea market plus I had reading to do for class.

that Beatles show is rebroadcast tonight  at 8 pm est. cbs (ch.2 here).I missed it too,so I get a chance to see it.

Tim, I think you'll enjoy the Beatles concert.  I loved it, so have a couple of others I've talked to.  

i'm watching it now.

I talked to my Eons friend tonight and he talked me into recording the Beatles show. (He had me at Jeff Bridges and Johnny Depp as presenters). I will watch it in between Olympics. The winter games are my favorite.....and ......at my age.....I may not be here for the next one! ;-)




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