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What kind of places do you like to go have fun, especially in the summer?  I love to go for walks and take my almost one year old granddaughter so she can enjoy the sights.  There's many other things to do all summer. 

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I like my walks to be on a beach somewhere. I love the boardwalks near the Ponce de Leon lighthouse on the end of Daytona Beach. I love to watch the pelicans fish. And I love to go exploring in my truck....just pick a road and see where it goes. You find the coolest places that way.

the jersey shore

I'm not much of a fan of the extreme seasons and so I tend to do things indoors with a/c like mall browsing and movies, but I also will do equine related activities as it is my passion. Last sunday I competed in a dressage show on NIp 'n' Tuck in the 80 degree heat. when the weather cools off, I like to go bowling, visit zoos, still like movies and will go to museums since most of them lack sufficient a/c for summer visits. I also will attend some meetup functions like the beer garden card game gathering 2 weeks ago and last Monday's book club at a local restaurant. Getting together with friends for happy hour works in any kind of weather. 

Phil thats me. I'm letting my hair grow and i took my glasses off.
I am partial to Franz Liszt, myself. And I've sung a lot of Geo. F. Handel.
I am. I can't do what I once could.....but I spent many years as a lyric soprano. I have done The Messiah so many times, I know it by heart. I used to make a little cash singing for events and weddings and such. Just a hobby....but I enjoyed it. Now I just sing for the fun of it.

I love classical music.  I'm especially fond of Johann Strauss. 

Ah yes, the classics! Credence Clearwater, The Band, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Cream.

What no Mozart??? Mozart said to Beethoven, "Ludvig, I have your Bach, I won't let you List." I Love PDQ Bach as well.

If you travel, travel with music and head for the Black Hills, my favorite spot.

I love Credence Clearwater Revival

No Bad Moons Rising on your Green River, Helen!

it's where the girls are.




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