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Do you think birth order makes a difference in who you are?  Do  you have a preference of birth order in someone in your relationships?

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I'm 7.5 years older than my kid brother, so I'm definitely the first born and have some traits that are more of an only child.  I imagine that it HAS made a difference in my life.  I've never had a preference in birth order, never thought about it, but my first husband was the oldest and the second was an only child (adopted), as were, now that I think about it, I THINK my last boyfriend (6 year relationship) was the oldest child (but his brother may have been older) and the guy I'm currently seeing is the oldest as well.  From what he's said, I believe his sister is younger.  I just don't remember abd U haven't met her since she lives in Miami and he doesn't have much to do with her.

I am the youngest, my two brothers are 9 &10 years older than me.I hardly remembered my oldest brother when he came back from being in the service.I always felt like an only child. When I had my kids I wanted them to be close.They are in age ( 2 years) but not close to each other.

My oldest son is almost 6 years older than his next brother.  When I had my third son I was so happy that he had a brother that much closer in age and then two years after that I had another son.  The three younger ones get along, but they aren't close.  The oldest one is very successful in managing a retail furniture store and is a little aloof from his brothers.  I'm the older of me and my brother.  We both did really well career wise, so it's hard to say.

I was an only child, I missed having brothers and sisters.

i'm 5th out of 6,we were very close growing up,we still are..what's left of us.

My kids had to deal with their father being kind of mean to them.  I think it does a lot of damage.  Most of mine managed to deal with it fairly well.  One of them has a lot of problems, which I think is because of his treatment of all of us. 

My dad passed away at 44.  It was rough on us and my brother who was only 7 the last time we saw him, doesn't remember him.  Kind of sad. 

I'm the eldest of 2....my brother is 15 months younger than I. For the earliest part of our lives, I was given more responsibility in helping my mother and was expected to keep an eye on my brother outside the household. This changed when he joined the Navy at 18 and spent 4.5 years in it while I dropped out of college and my job to marry and start a family. Being married to an alcoholic forced me into being the adult in the family until I dumped him. All along though I had the support of my mother. Dad had abandoned us when I was in high school and so wasn't an influence on us. Of my 3 sons(of whom is dead),the eldest was 7 years older than the middle and 10 years olde than the last. However it had taken both a long time to learn to be independent. Better late than never! 

There have been many studies done on birth order, all very interesting, none conclusive or for that matter very valid.

I read these studies as I do a horoscope, read into them what we want. 

That all said, remember when you thought you were adopted?  I'm guessing almost everyone as a kid had that thought, and may even have brought it up to their parents.

Well, my parents are long gone, but I still think I'm adopted! ;-)  I'm nothing like my sibling! 

My two boys while only 2 years apart are as different as day and night, and never did get along). The youngest has always thought he was adopted, and sometimes I think he still does. He is so different from the rest of the family and looks like no one on either side.when he was little, his step dad only liked the oldest one and so it only added fuel to the flame, if he wasn't adopted everyone would love me, not just me. Then several years ago our family dr died (he had been my dr. since I was about 10 or 11 years old) when we got the medical records there  was no records of my ever being pregnant and his records started at 7 days.When he was about 25  he met his real dad, I told him then that  he would know who his dad was, that they both have the same toe style, and as it turned out so does his ½ sister. He says that only proves who is dad was, still no connection to me)?) Now he says that just to harass me, he is the best kid and has taken good care of me thru all my bad health issues.




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