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This should be an interesting topic.  Are you gray?  Do you dye your hair?  Do you prefer it gray?  I'm going gray at the temples and have a lot mixed in, but overall it's still pretty brown.  In my 40's I noticed gray at my temples and flipped out and started dying it.  I had some problems with my hair and had to stop and discovered 15 years later that it wasn't any worse that in my 40's.  It's still the same and I'm going to be 65 in October.

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I have been gray since I was about 35, I used to dye my hair, then in my 50's I decided I had earned all those gray hairs and quit dying my hair. Now people tell me how pretty my gray hair is. My brother is 82 and he doesn't have a single gray hair.

I got a cousin like that who says he "takes after his dad", the only one in the family not to have grey hair. His dad's hair color was jet black till the day he died as is my cousin's. Give me a break! It's a dye job if there ever was one. Must use dad's hair dye.



I'm glad you didn't keep up the coloring.  You were wrong; women aren't scared off my a little gray hair.  I know a lot of very young women who look at silver-haired guys all the time.  My daughter's husband is almost totally white now, and she loves it. 

I like the white at my temples.  It is my "badge of honor".  It shows that I have weathered the slings and arrows and I'm still here.  I could use a more potent hair dye, and cover it.....but at the expense of the general health of my hair.  Mine now is healthy, soft, and wavy.  I don't wish to fry it with dyes.....or curling irons and flat-irons ....or perms.  The color I wash in is so near my natural color, that roots don't show for a long time. 

I always get a kick out of these guys with really aged faces with the wrinkles and age spots dying their hair with some cheap dark color. They look like a circus act. Give it up already.

In my thirties I developed a white streak right of center in the front and I liked it. Over the years my hair has turned grey gradually until my dark brown hair now looks lighter. Only when I get a haircut do I notice how really grey it is! 

My mom had that!  It wasn't in the center, though, but off to the left side, above the temple.  She capitalized on it, and cut it shorter, so it would wave right there.  It looked like she had had it done that way  professionally.  The rest of her hair was a deep sable brown, so it was quite stunning.  People complimented her on it all the time. 

I have colored my hair for years. I see gray roots so I know I have some gray hair. Since I have always highlighted my hair.It all blends together. I don't plan on changing my normal touch ups. I would not know myself any other way.

Thanks Phil, Its been this color for a long time. I always keep it around shoulder length.Its wavy and curly.Sometimes hard to manage. Have a Good Night!         Dee

I've played with coloring my hair since I was in my teens.  I discovered I had a streak of white front and center in my early 20's and people thought I had bleached it intentionally!  I let my hair grow out to it's natural state when I was in my early 40's and from the front it looked white - there was still dark mixed in in the back though.  After my husband died 14 years ago, I got an auburn wig and asked my nephews and my mother (the biggest proponent that keep my natural color hair) which looked better.  I received a unanimous - COLOR it!  my mother said I looked 10 years older with my natural color and since she STILL doesn't want anyone knowing her age, I guess that she decided I better look younger, too!  I think about letting it go natural again but I hate the growing out stage and I'm not ready to go through that yet, so I'll keep on keeping on the way it is for now!

I wont let it go grey. It doesn't suit me.

Mine is a sort of "pepper-free salt and pepper."

I have never dyed my hair in my life. HOWEVER, I did use "SUN IN" or lemon juice for MANY years to lighten my hair. but stopped 5-8 years ago.  I had it highlighted last about 5-8 years ago and was planning to do it again soon. Maybe. I recently noticed I'm getting gray hair on top of my head a little. It doesn't bother me but I DO think I will probably dye it.

Lynn...you look very pretty with your shade of gray! I agree with others who said if our hair was THAT color, we would probably leave it go!


Dee...my hair is curly and wavy too and I recently got it cut to about my neck and what a royal pain THAT is....its finally a little better but its so hard to manage when its short. My hair is EASIER when its longer although I have had a lot of nice compliments on my shorter hair.

Oooohhhh.....men and gray hair...NICE!!




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