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I am thinking about closing down this group.  I already have three other groups on another site and really don't have time to keep up with this one.  I'd like to see someone else take it over.  If you would be interested in taking this group over, please let me know.  I really like everyone on here, but time is tight, because I also babysit my 19 month old granddaughter everyday.  If you are interested on the other site where I have groups.  Thanks Helen

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I'll have to pass Helen. Do what you need to for yourself and thanks for the time and effort you've put into this site.

                                                 morning all

Some time back I mentioned that ever since that other site became popular, the activity here had crashed. You know, in my old age I cannot recall the name of it. Was it Boomerville? Something like that. I tried it but could never get used to waiting for its pages to load and its flaky behavior, not the members, the site itself. I also find my own outside interests and activity make joining another site very difficult. I think you may as well close this one up.

MQM, it is Boomerville.spruz.com  It has come a long way and isn't slow like it was.  A lot of work went into getting it moving and it's pretty good.  This group hasn't had much participation and it's hard to keep it going.  If someone doesn't take this over here in the next few days I will shut it down, if that's possible.  I just hate to see this group fall apart.  

Let it go Helen.

Just doesn't seem to be a lot of activity here. I like Boomerville very much . Do what feels right for you Helen.

I have opened this group back up.


Hi Aggie.....this site has been dormant for a long time. Do you have any specific goal in mind that you chose to open it up again? 




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