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I'm popping back after a nasty bout with the flu

to see if anyone gets the blues from little or no sunshine.

Normally I do not but this time I figured I was sick anyway

so I bundled up and hauled my  sorry ass outside to a frosty

cold recycled green plastic garden chair and sat in the sporadic

sunshine that filtered through the clouds and It felt so good 

to have warmth on my face.

 I pondered on how it felt for some folk to feel  the need of light  

and how depressed they were not to get sunlight.  I never had this problem.

 I hear that it is quite serious for some and I thank my lucky stars I can find almost

anything to jolt me to happy thoughts.  How about you..do the winter blues "bug" you?

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I do hope he pulls through. I will pray for him.

Thank you

Samuel is only 4 and a sick little boy. His mother spends the night with him at the hospital.

When I was 3 years old I was in the hospital with pneumonia and lobar edema.  Penicillin had just been invented and I am talking to you today because of it.

I have not heard news about him today but I'm thinking it is good news...

Penicillin ( the shots ) has always been good for me

but my sister and my daughter would die if they took it

When I was a child, penicillin was a wonder drug for me.  It saved my life.  Then, in later years, I developed an allergy to it when taken internally.  Now it makes my face swell up and my body to hurt.  Now I take wide spectrum antibiotics.


thank you...have not heard anything about him today.

Yes that picture by Craig was awesome..in person for me 

it was awesome with all the green shades with yellow but ,Jess, my late husband came 

barreling up the drive  on a motorcycle with friend, Steve

and they were both scared out of their wits...I told them both

it's God coming to get you two silly men, Steve's wife just laughed her head off




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