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So many live their lives feeling unloved, unseen, unrecognized, unappreciated. So very many. You may not know who they are because we are all conditioned to hide our truth below a bushel of shame. But they are everywhere. When you make an effort to share your love, you don’t always know where it will land. But be sure that it does. Sometimes it lights a torch for others to follow. Sometimes it gives them reason to believe that there is a better life waiting for them after a lifetime of disappointment. Sometimes it builds spirits and sometimes it actually saves lives. We just have to keep giving the love wherever and whenever we can. You never know how far it will travel.

~ Jeff Brown

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Chandra, I could not agree more.  I have lived my life supporting others.  All these people need is a little of sincerity and the opportunity to open up.  Slowly they do this and it makes everybody so comfortable with each other.  With this kind of attitude, it makes being aloof just about impossible. 

Hi Sam so glad you joined

I see you jumped right in to the group

I pass around my love to everyone because that was the way I was taught by my Ma

I actually saw her within 30 minutes turn an irate woman from a roaring tigress into a sweet gentle lamb

I asked Ma why she was so kind to a person that obviously hated Ma and she said you must treat everyone with kindness and invite them to your table....after the woman left, carrying goodies to her family, she was always friends with Ma. i was only 14 years of age but I have continued that kindness learned


So true....my Ma is looking down from heaven smiling at you

luvy I did not learn to drive until I was almost 40

so I rode the buses, train, my 10 speed or walked

and you certainly do run into a lot of interesting people of all walks of life with great stories




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