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There are many examples of 'bottle houses' around the world. This one is on Prince Edward island, Canada and is said to comprise some 30,000 bottles.

There was  a TV show where a CEO of a European Brewery was holidaying in some 3rd world country, noticed the the people were using the empty bottles to make homes. Went back the home country and changed the shape of the Brewing companies bottles from round to square , much easier to lay a square bottle than round.

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This is just a sample of what you can do with those glass bottles

I recycle a lot even 

bits and pieces of little stories or story ideas I write on the backs of paper

sales slips etc...how you recycle???

I write all over any pieces of papers also then when done I use the paper to start a fire

hopefully when I get back to Az I can start recycling again...I try here but not a lot

gets recycled on this property but I am changing the owners thoughts bit by bit

It takes time to change a person's way of living for years and years

of just tossing unwanted and resusable items in the garbage can

what a great idea MrMusic

I rarely get junk mail

( not even once a month )

I use online bill pay also

Rarely do I receive junk mail.  When I do, I stuff their free return envelope with incredibly boring articles and, at the end, ask if they would like to buy some more.

Scott that is funny...did they ever reply back?


I wonder if they made him get a permit to build this house of glass

In the United States you have to have a permit to do anything in the construction business.  In Costa Rica you need just a crew.

Scott this is the log cabin we built in the late 80's on the Collville Reservation without a permit

I am sure they  need a permit now even to build an outhouse...the new owner let it burn down

I love to recycle anything that can be turned into something useful again

MrMusik this is a great idea also

perhaps even holding a garden work jacket would also work for this old work tool




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