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Thoughts from He to She

You are attracted to the shy one
Do not tell me that M'dear
You are unique with star-like fun
Showing curiosity with no fear

Your sweet childlike purity
No way trying to be coy
That is a rare obscurity
Instead of the cunning ploy

Sadly all the women I am knowing
Keep what they feel under covers
You with wind blasted hair blowing
Have many unknown following lovers

Lady I feel you under value the worth
You have in and around your presence
At the very early hour of your birth
You emit a feeling of extreme pleasance

I find your vivid color of life compositions
To be more to me than just entertaining
Not even overtaken by cunning magicians
You unknowingly encourage our sustaining

Strength to carry on throughout the day
Our long unpleasant daily tasks at hand
Until we hear your sweet voice say
Today we will laugh as it is my command

©Julia A Knaake

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Glad you posted this poetry discussion, Julia! All the others are long closed.

Here's one for my Beloved and our dreams.

some years ago we were folklore,
our story romantic, cryptic
inscriptions in text books,
tristan and isolde, diarmuid and grania,
love without rent or insurance.
i used to think, as I wrote in the margins,
that someday you’d sit alone in dying light,
see my writing, remember me,
like those mythic women almost possessed,
then lost, beautiful forever.

one day you wrote,
“i want to grow and move forward with you--
at last our season has come,”
and you described our love as a benediction,
warm as august sun.
then, despite towering walls, icy precipices,
frigid labyrinths, and vast cold fields
where hearts become locked in permafrost,
you made summer
where you once believed there could be none.

i watch for you now
drenched in sunlight, smiling
out the picture window of this little house
where soon we will live together,
and become history,
share coffee, make late love, weather storms,
tend our summer garden
with strong sure hands,
and embrace, together,
our share of happiness--
our true lives.


A very beautiful poem.

Thank you for posting.

The first time I left TBD

there were few people here

I came back again but it

seems like I am only talking to myself

I like me so  I stay here 





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