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"I am one of those who like to stay late at the cafe," the older waiter said. "With all those who do not want to go to bed. With all those who need a light for the night."
- "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place," Ernest Hemingway

"I know the night is not the same as the day: that all things are different, that the things of the night cannot be explained in the day, because they do not then exist, and the night can be a dreadful time for lonely people once their loneliness has started."
- Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell To Arms,

"They started two hours before daylight, and at first, it was not necessary to break the ice across the canal as other boats had gone on ahead. In each boat, in the darkness, so you could not see, but only hear him, the poler stood in the stern, with his long oar. The shooter sat on a shooting stool fastened to the top of a box that contained his lunch and shells, and the shooter's two, or more, guns were propped against the load of wooden decoys."
- Ernest Hemingway, Across the River and into the Trees

"All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn."
- Ernest Hemingway, Green Hills of Africa

"The strange thing was, he said, how they screamed every night at midnight. I do not know why they screamed at that time. We were in the harbor and they were all on the pier and at midnight they started screaming."
- Ernest Hemingway, In Our Time

"The house was built on the highest part of the narrow tongue of land between the harbor and the open sea. It had lasted through three hurricanes and it was built solid as a ship. It was shaded by tall coconut palms that were bent by the trade wind and on the ocean side you could walk out of the door and down the bluff across the white sand and into the Gulf Stream."
- Ernest Hemingway, Islands in the Stream

"A man can be destroyed but not defeated."
- Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

My whole life I would rather stay up all night to finish a good book rather than sleep.

If I went to bed to sleep all I thought about was finishing the story I was reading.

I also read everynight in bed and if there is someone there with me they listen




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