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I could have peed all night
or block the urge and fight.
I chose to stay in bed.
I've totally stained my sheets
worse than a jar of beets
and now I'm soaked instead.
I've got my wife all agitated
and my pajamas reek of pee.
I should have gotten up
and used a urine cup
instead of saturating me.
It should have been my goal
to use the toilet bowl.
Don't come near my bedroom.
Ammonia fills the air.
It's more than I can bear.
I'd rather breathe perfume.
I hope my wife will do my laundry.
I know my sheets might not get white.
Now when I have to go
I won't resist the flow,
and I will Pee Pee Pee All NIGHT

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MARK you are a naughty boy to expect your wife to clean up after YOU all the time!

I do like your humor about the situation tho'  and I am hoping you find a good solution.


is Ammonia

is Ammonia

is Ammonia

Wear a mask and save a lung




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